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Editorial: Our region deserves peace and friendship

The people of Afghanistan have always wanted to enjoy friendly relations with the world. This goodwill especially includes the regional nations and particularly our dear neighbors who have been partners in our grieves and happiness in the course of history. Afghans believe that what happened in the past, has passed and thinking about the past will cure no pain. Now it is time to establish friendly ties based on mutual respects and mutual trusts. As the people of Afghanistan have always remained friends with the neighbors, the friendly neighbors are also expected to take the same policy and answer Afghans with the same feeling.

Conflicts of any type lead the region to nowhere but destruction and backwardness, helping others to misuse turbulence and distrust in our region and interfere in our home matters, loot our wealth and rule us. Differences and problems in the region can be resolved in the region with dialogues by the people of the region and without foreign meddling because the people of a region better understand the words of each other. If some neighboring countries have problems with each other, they should not expand it to a wider area and should not use the third countries as the backyard for their hard or soft competitions.

Unfortunately, Afghanistan has been considered as a good backyard for the superpowers as well as regional powers since many years. This unfriendly policy is still continuing in this war-hit country which takes victims only from poor and war-tired Afghans. Choosing Afghanistan as the field for their battles means to take advantage from our good will and ridiculing our heartfelt feelings to them. We Afghans call on the neighboring states and other regional countries to keep their people away from conflicts and destruction. As the nation with a long experience of war, we know how much the war hurts people and countries. If some of the neighbors are still persistent in rivalry and try to show off their power and try to beat the other – it must learn by heart that this trend will help them to nowhere, rather push its country toward more backwardness and darkness.

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