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Editorial: Pakistan can’t get away with racist lies

After attack on supporters of Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) that left ten people killed and over 30 wounded, military establishment of Pakistan is making all-out efforts to get away with spouting racist lies. PTM members were killed and injured in pro-Pakistan government Talban attack in tribal areas, PTM leader Manzour Pashteen wrote on his social media account. Pakistani government also acknowledged clashes in Wanna, the capital of South Waziristan. It’s a fact that Pashtun folk hero ‘Manzour Pashteen’ has made life difficult for Pakistan’s ruling class. He stood against atrocities of Pakistan army and ISI against people of tribal region, where years of war and violence have left villages destroyed and lives ruined by heavy-handed Pakistani government interference, which often leads to indiscriminate killings and arrests. In a very scary mode, Director General of Inter-Services Public Relations, Gen. Asif Ghafoor showed his scariest face over momentum of Pashteen movement with question how did articles start appearing in newspapers and how some foreign media started telecasting protests live on Facebook and Twitter. This elevate question that why Pakistani army afraid of their news coverage if they are honest in solving their problems. This indicates Pakistan army guilty that is afraid from movement’s broadcasting, telecasting as well as printing. It’s clear as open book that Pakistan army and ISI will do everything to suppress Pashtun people there. Recently, Pakhtunkhwa Mili Awami Party Chief, Mahmood Khan Achakzai in Pakistan’s National Assembly said Pakistan concealing its perpetrating of great atrocities in FATA. “Not hundreds, but thousands of people have been killed in FATA. Pakistan committed atrocity against people living in FATA just like a foreign colonist state does against a colony.” With this, the attack against members of PTM leader Ali Wazir at a gathering in the South Wazirstan tribal district is the work of Pakistani army. Recently, ex-NDS chief Rahmatullah Nabil twitted, “Ismatullah Muavia is leading a terrorist group, was based in North Waziristan and during the Zarb-e-Azab operation has moved by MI/ISI to Vehari District Punjab. He is moved back to Waziristain and sends terrorists to Afghanistan and Kashmir, planning assassination of PTM leaders and call it Jihad!” Absolute right and the recent attack on PTM is the work of these terrorist circles backed by Pakistan army. Killing each other is not in Pashtunn culture, neither Taliban are part of their society, it is the work of Punjabi cruel army and spy agency. People took to streets against violent incident in Wanna but 4G and 3G networks have been blocked. There would be much more to come from Pakistan army and ISI to end PTM efforts but they should bear in mind that Afghan masses strongly stand beside them as freedom is the right of every human being in the surface of this world. Dear PTM, the Pakistan army and ISI will make all-out efforts to kill a lot of you, but your unity and aim must not be killed. Since its establishment, Pakistan couldn’t do anything except conspiracy theories, but this time these theories can’t silence Pashtuns.

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