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Editorial: Pakistan the biggest problem

Afghanistan-Pakistan relationship and being a neighbor with it, is our country’s biggest problem. The recent deadly attacks across the country had claimed by those terrorist outfits that have been enjoying hideouts in Pakistan. Last ten days was deadly for Afghanistan as hundreds of civilians and military personnel have been killed and wounded. Terrorist groups, like the Taliban and al-Qaeda, are threats to our security, and providing them (militant outfits) with sanctuaries is a bigger problem. Not only this, Pakistan also supporting Islamic State (IS), also known as Daesh terrorists. In the past, several Pakistanis including female were detained in eastern Nangarhar province, while they were transforming sensitive documents to the Daesh militants how to make bombs. This is really annoying to see our neighbor is hell-bent on destroying Afghanistan, forgetting peace and stability in Afghanistan is in the very best interest of Pakistan as well. Our hostile neighbor—Pakistan has been supporting and harboring various militant outfits. It sees its interest in destruction of Afghanistan. However, environment is on the brink of change. United States Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson during meeting with President Ashraf Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah, despite discussing range of issues, made it clear that Pakistan needs to take action to undermine supporting Taliban and other terrorist organizations. “Pakistan needs to take a clear-eyed view of the situation that they’re confronted with in terms of the number of terrorist organizations that find safe haven inside of Pakistan.” He furthered: “I think the US made it clear in terms of our support for Afghanistan, support for a sovereign, unified, and democratic Afghanistan, charting a path to peace, prosperity, and self-reliance. It is imperative at the end that we are denying safe haven to any terrorist organizations or any extremists to any part of this—the world.” US make it clear that they respect Afghanistan sovereignty, but Pakistan not only feeding insurgents—the very agent of chaos that killing the Afghan, and US forces that have been fighting for peace and stability, also violating our sovereignty. Residents of Zazai Maidan district in south-east Khost province expressed concern as Pakistani forces have been establishing check-post in the parts of the district. Pakistan army making check points on Afghan soil, a great violation of our sovereignty. About 200 families living in a village called Bandrogha said that Pakistan army has planted mines in areas they established check posts. The residents of the village said if they go to those areas, the Pakistani forces fire on them. This is leaving to doubt that Pakistan never wanted a brotherhood relation with Afghanistan. Let’s not forget that the live of monster is less. At outset, monster might have received some leverage for its evil acts, but at end its death is guarantee. Pakistan cannot escape; one day will be triggered to the court of justice for its atrocity against its neighbor. International Community, especially the United States of American must hold Pakistan accountable for its wrongdoings.

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