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Editorial: Pakistan vows to help Afghanistan in fighting terrorism

Two senior security officials flew Wednesday to Islamabad to have talks with Pakistani authorities. The visit took place in the wake of a series of terrorist attacks in Kabul, Nangarhar, Ghazni, Kandahar and Helmand provinces. Taliban claimed responsibility for more of these attacks, while the Daesh terrorist group also said that it was behind a couple of them.

The aim of the National Directorate of Security chief and the interior minister’s visit was to share evidences that the government of Afghanistan has regarding the recent attacks with the Pakistan officials. Pakistani authorities are reported to have promised for cooperation with Afghan government in fight against terrorism.

There seems a contradiction in the sayings of Pakistan officials as they had frequently denied that Taliban and the Haqqani network have sanctuaries in the Pakistani soil. The promise is actually an acknowledgment by the officials in Islamabad that they have relationships and influence on Taliban and Haqqani militants.

If Pakistan truly wants to cooperate with Afghanistan, it has to first close the sanctuaries of the armed opposition groups (Taliban and Haqqani network) and stop supporting them.

The threats by these groups are not only against Afghanistan, but they are also against the people’s safety in Pakistan and the whole region. Attacks that take place in Pakistan is due to the result of the wrong policies of Pakistan government that thinks instability in Afghanistan is in their benefit.

Afghan people and government consider Pakistanis as their brothers and sisters and are unhappy when terrorist attacks kill and injure them. Afghans do not want even a single instability there because they believe the fire in the neighboring house will affect them.

Therefore, they ask Pakistan government to think the same and take serious insecurity in their neighboring country. The people in this region deserve peaceful life as the other nations enjoy in the world.

Afghan government and people are happy with the recent promise by Pakistan officials, but want them not to disappoint their Afghan brothers and sisters by remaining as speakers. Pakistani officials are requested to walk along with Afghans and the international community in the path towards peace and friendship.

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