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Editorial: Pakistan’s aggression in Spin-Boldak

A video has been doing rounds on social media shows Pakistani militias crossed the zero point of the impose crossing- Durand Line. Pakistan has always held vicious intentions towards Afghanistan. The Pakistani military- who maintain the power on the country’s government affairs- has fired hundreds of rockets across the Durand crossing, killing and wounding dozens of people. Pakistan’s aggression on Afghan soil has always faced condemnation by Afghans and people settled across the Durand crossing. In contrary to the international laws, the Islamabad Policy Research Institute published a false map of Afghanistan- that removes a big part of the northeastern province of Badakhshan- Wakhan corridor- which is highly valuable for its vital location. As Afghanistan is caught in severe crisis, some opportunists neighbors of Afghanistan are not sparing any effort to play their evil-role throughout posing violence- damaging the public infrastructures and as well as trying to fulfill their interests in this war-torn country. Regarding Spin-Boldak, the Afghan officials found the dead bodies of over 100 civilians- while the fate of the around 300 civilians abducted by the Taliban remains tentative. Pakistan’s support to the terrorist groups is not dropped from the eyes of the international organizations including the United Nations, European Community and International Community. The Pakistani military’s support to the militants aiming to ensure its interests in Afghanistan, has undermined its credibility worldwide. The reasons are clear: firing rockets on the neighboring country, killing its people and inflicting financial damages to the residents is against the international law- crossing zero points (Which is imposed on the people of the two sides- as the Afghans reject the Durand Line as border) is the against the international norms- supporting the terrorist groups that poses threats to the region and world is a clear act in contrast with the international law. Such act of crossing the zero point is condemnable and is against the law. Pakistan should be held accountable for its reckless stand towards Afghanistan.

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