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Editorial: Pakistan’s deceptive gambit in Afghanistan

With the recent uptick in Taliban’s violence in areas under their control, Pakistan once again tried to fool the world by declaring that Taliban takeover of Afghanistan would be against the country’s national interest. This is utterly a false statement and the old counterfeit narrative of supporting a dignified Afghanistan. The situation is horrible at the moment – hundreds of families have left Taliban-controlled areas to relief themselves from their atrocities and narrate a situation of misery as they see no prospect for peace among the Taliban fighters as they continue to kill innocent Afghans and also hundreds of Pakistan army in disguise of Taliban are committing unforgivable crimes. Pakistan has always supported the Taliban as a destructive force under its proxy war to fully destroy Afghanistan. The only way to stop the assassination squads of the Afghan people is concerted international diplomatic and indeed political action to shutdown Islamabad’s proxy war. Pakistan can’t deny this because the strongest voices opposing this proxy war are in Pakistan that included members of the country’s National Assembly. Without doubt, Pakistan has been the Taliban’s safest place. Hospitals, homes, schools, food, money and security have been provided to each Taliban fighter and to their family members, and Pakistan top security officials admitted this. Even fund raising taking place in Pakistan to support the Taliban and still Pakistan authorities expect the world to prey on the description of unflinching denial of support to the Taliban. Given Pakistan’s decade-long denial of Taliban sympathies, it is worth noting to look at the recent delivery of the Pakistani’s army dead bodies that were killed by the Afghan security forces in direct clashes. The Afghan people officials hold all the right to rightly blame Pakistan for the current crisis as the Taliban is actively seeking a return and already on a daydream of military victory. Though the Taliban captured some areas, this won’t last long. To force Pakistan to change its destructive Afghan policy, diplomatic pressure by the country’s allies would be very productive. Pakistan must be forced to take authentic practical steps to close Taliban bases and put an end to the Taliban recruitment from Pakistan madrassas, unless the evasive rhetoric, one day will destroy Pakistan as well. The Taliban must understand that they will never welcome by the Afghans as they are committing crimes against humanity as they drag people out of their homes and openly killing them in an inhuman manner and Pakistan is behind such a brutal group.

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