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Editorial: Pakistan’s insanity

Extreme brutalities committed by Pakistan in the region are getting attention of the international community. The world cannot ignore for long the atrocities committed by Pakistani military. The systematic genocide of Pashtuns and Baloch people is also making news headlines on regular basis. Key international players have also realized that it is Islamabad’s strategic depth policy which is threatening the regional peace and destabilized Afghanistan. As Pakistan has become a headache for the regional and international community, the country is trying to introduce a new play to divert attention of key international actors from the terrorist sanctuaries on its soil. The first scene of the play has been unveiled by Pakistan Prime Minister’s special envoy on Kashmir, Mushahid Hussain, who said in Washington that peace in Afghanistan is linked to the resolution of the Kashmir issue.

The statement proves that Pakistan has utterly failed in its attempts to establish regional hegemony by supporting notorious terrorist organizations. The statement also shows Pakistan’s insanity and dual policy. Peace in Afghanistan is not linked with Kashmir because the former has nothing to do with the latter. However, there is something common between the two. Pakistan is using her largest force of mercenaries to attack civilians and military installations in both Afghanistan and Kashmir.  Pakistan has zero tolerance for peace and stability in the region that’s why all of her policies are revolving around use of terrorism as a mean to achieve the ends, especially in Afghanistan. The state that was engineered by the British Empire to leave its legacy behind is under fire for unprecedented human rights violations and aggressive military adventurism. The British Empire was doing the same. Pakistan is not only suppressing the freedom movements in Balochistan and Pashtun belts through use of brutal force but also using the mercenaries—terrorists—to alter policies of the neighboring countries. Pakistan is playing both sides to dodge the international community.

What exactly is happening? Actually, Pakistan wants to put a blanket on the atrocities committed in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, tribal areas, and Balochistan. Since the Balochistan freedom movement is getting support of the international community and Pashtuns are also gearing up to re-launch the Pashtunistan movement, Pakistan is under crippling pressure and cannot hide the brutalities that she has committed. Pakistan is the only country on this planet which has used fighter jets, tanks and heavy artillery against its own people. Pakistani military had bulldozed villages and markets in the tribal belt along the Durand Line. Since every member of the UN knows that Pakistan is harboring and supporting Al Qaeda, Taliban, Haqqani Network and numerous other terror outfits, therefore, Islamabad is trying to give a different color and meaning to its militarized internal and external policies.

Pakistan is drowning in the strategic depth’s fallouts that the pro-Al Qaeda and Taliban military establishment in Rawalpindi could not foresee. Kashmir and Afghanistan have different meanings and scope for Pakistan. However, Islamabad is forgetting that Afghans can stand in ruins, but not in occupation. Pakistan’s Afghan policy is in tatters as the country is pushed towards isolation. Islamabad will never shun its extremist strategic assets who are not only posing threats to Afghanistan, India, China and Middle East but also to Europe and the United States.

Time is high for the international community to impose economic sanctions on Pakistan so she could stop breeding, supporting and using terrorists.

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