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Editorial: Paying human costs of the war

Afghanistan, a country that had risen from ashes at least 20 years ago with unprecedented progress in all areas, is once again burning. Situation is getting worse with each passing day. Tens of thousands of lives are at risk, while daily human casualties are shocking. Our lovely country is once again on the edge of destiny and the flame of war is burning our homes and dreams for a peaceful and stable motherland. Elder, women, and children are being massacred, and provincial cities fall one after another and the Taliban, a group which the US and the Afghan government are trying to make peace with, is making more territorial gains as war escalates nationwide. As a whole situation is at worse where thousands of innocent people are killed and injured, many families are fleeing for safety. Those families in Kabul displaced due to unparalleled Taliban onslaughts, urged to take shelter in mosques. Electricity is out in several cities, shortage of potable water is another headache. Bluntly speaking, another human catastrophe is one the horizon under the clear watch of the international community, especially the US that has signed a deal with the Taliban to end the war but has caused its escalation. Apparently, it was a fruitless effort by the US who pleaded with the Taliban for talks. Taliban calming to be adherent of Islam, but a simple question is that why they kill helpless people from the same community. Afghans are Muslims – as a matter of fact we are a very practicable Muslim country comparing to some others in our region. Religious scholars from all over the Islamic countries opposed Taliban war as illegal. The Taliban are not the only Muslims, there are over 1.5 billion, and all of them are not as rude and cruel as the Taliban. The Muslims around the globe have a moral responsibility to speak on the suffering of the Afghan people at the hands of Taliban. The upcoming Friday is the best chance for the Muslims to speak up against Taliban injustice during sermons. Moreover, the immediate expectation goes on the OIC to rapidly arrange a summit on Afghanistan situation and clarify and pressurizes the Taliban and states sponsoring the outfit, to shun violence and turn back to the negotiating table to find a political compromise settlement to the war. Though, the war is very complex and its has been imposed on the Afghans through use of proxy forces, but still bringing religious scholars in all affairs would at somehow prove helpful to reach the root cause of the problem. Afghanistan is predominately Islamic, still the Taliban wants more, and ironically their interpretation of Islam is not clear yet. The Taliban has to de-escalate violence in nutshell for the sake of innocent Afghans who are dying and displacing in numbers in these days.

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