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Editorial: Peace, All Time Priority

Indeed, it’s a good move that the Biden administration has decided to review the Trump dispensation’s peace deal with the Taliban. This comes to check whether the Taliban are honest in the meaningful talks and are also ready to cut ties with other groups, including the al-Qaeda terrorist network. It also comes to see whether the group has reduced attacks in Afghanistan in keeping with its side on the agreement with the White House. Previously, both US forces in Afghanistan and Taliban group have accused each other of violating deal agreement – however, US says to always come to the aid of the Afghan security forces when Taliban conduct large-scale attacks, and this has clearly been written in the Doha agreement. The whole reason behind the review is to see if the Taliban is living up to its commitments and this would definitely help both sides to achieve a durable and just political settlement and permanent ceasefire. Review for the strengthening of the peace process is indeed a good and laudable step. If it’s about discussing steps to protect the past 20 years hard-gain, also to protect women and minority group’s rights, and observe freedom of expression as a key achievement during this period of time, it without doubt could result positively, and the process would find it’s real meaning and way. The Biden move will also bring some relief to both – Afghanistan and the U.S. itself – as seemingly the former President Donald Trump gave away too much to the Taliban group in return for sketchy assurance. This also gives time for the new U.S. administration to bring the articles of deal under its full-scale consideration and read it carefully to avoid hasty decisions to steer clear of unbearable mistakes in terms of national security. Sketchy guarantees are utterly not enough, and the Taliban must prove it in practice, and also the Biden administration perceives to freeze spoilers in Kabul as well. Apparently, there are some elements acting against the peace process for their narrow personal interests. They should not simply go away and give much time to spoil the peace making process. As war brought so many miseries to the ordinary Afghans, like that it has benefited a tiny circle of people who are now against the peace process. The Biden White House has already indicated it sees a continuation of good relations with Afghanistan and already top US-Kabul security brass exchanged views on peace and security situations. President Biden, who, of course, has visited Afghanistan a couple of times, respects the long and successful relationship, and Mr. Biden would be a champion of peace if he would be able to make a political settlement and end the current Afghan war through dialogues.

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