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Editorial: Peace building efforts on swing

A peace process by its nature is a complex and tortuous journey, but nothing is impossible when there is will. Regional consensus is very much important to any peace building efforts. But there are some neighbors who proved detrimental to the peace process. Such elements, especially, Pakistan—the hostile neighbor, destroying all attempts to find a solution to the ongoing, meanwhile longest war in Afghanistan, which has led to the failure of all political negotiations between the government and militant group. In the past there were several meetings in Kabul, Beijing and Islamabad and elsewhere, in different platforms to reach consent and convince Taliban insurgents to come to the table of talks with the Afghan government. But since Pakistan is not honest to bring its childbirth which is in the name of various militant outfits, including the Taliban and Haqqani terror network, to the peace talks with Afghan government, the result of numerous peace attempts, including Quadrilateral Coordination Group, were led in vain. There was high hope over these meetings, but all hopes dashed to the ground, instead war has been intensified with more brutality than ever with the covert and overt support of Pakistan. This has given us very concerning voice over the obvious lack of appropriate investment into the political dialogue and a huge mismatch between resources allocation for peacekeeping and peace building. If there was internationally support behind direct peace talks and there was strong determination among superpower countries, Pakistan could not deteriorate peace talks. Certainly, all militant groups would not have continued its evil and anti-human operations without the support of the greatest sponsor of terrorism, and Pakistan is number one in this race of supporting these devil forces. But it doesn’t mean everyone is following the same suite. All regional countries are not as antagonistic as Pakistan. We have China, Indian, Russia and Central Asian Countries who hold positive mood, and honestly standing beside the Afghan government in every area. Obviously, international community is here to help us too. Fortunately, regional countries are up in making efforts in bringing a meaningful peace in Afghanistan that has been suffering from long decades of war. India, China, and Russia want a peaceful, and stable Afghanistan, assuring of their unremitting efforts toward prompting peace in the war-hit country. The foreign ministers of India, China and Russia (ICR) recently in a trilateral meeting in New Delhi, the three developed countries emphasized on Afghan-led and Afghan-owned peace process to establish peace and stability in Afghanistan, slamming the Taliban insurgents for undermining peace in the region and around the world. Mutual cooperation for peace process, fight against terrorism, and drug trafficking, importance of regional interaction in Afghanistan to achieve joint goals was highlighted in meeting. Indeed, this is a very positive move, giving us energy and reason to be optimistic regarding better future. We are thankful for ICR trilateral meeting for helping Afghanistan in their efforts to achieve peace, build a peaceful, secure, united, democratic, stable, and prosperous state. The day will not be too far to see Afghanistan free of violence and militant outfits through joint support of the regional countries.

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