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Editorial: Peace conference coming soon

No one can deny the role of religious scholars in persuading the Taliban insurgents in joining the peace process which is owned and led by the Afghan government. The reconciliation process is pure Afghani—no doubt on it. Months ago, over 500 religious scholars from Nangarhar, Kunar, Laghman and Nuristan provinces pledged support for the Afghan-initiated peace drive. At the same time, scholars from across the country on different occasions called on the Taliban to cease fighting with sole slogan that violence will not solve the militant’s problems and that only peaceful means will enable them to attain their goals. The same thing has been also said by the National Unity Government to the Taliban insurgents as war causes devastation and it’s a prove fact. President Ashraf Ghani recently invited the militants to join the political course by taking immense part in elections. The NUG message is clear that the Taliban insurgents should turn their bullets and bombs into ballots. This is the best way for them to show they are in fact a true Afghans, and willing to stop the ongoing bloody war that taking enormous toll on the civilians. There is denying to the fact that the militants whether it’s Taliban, Daesh, or other terrorist outfits, will never succeed in their evil goals in the face of continuation of war but to receive more casualties by the iron hand of the brave Afghan security forces. This is a fact that fighters loyal to the extremist groups are frightening to face the security forces—the true son of this soil in battlefield–thus the insurgents carries out coward attacks in public areas, leaving hundreds of civilians in grieve. Anyways, since it’s an imposed war that has been fought from religious perspective, only the religious scholars can rescue Afghanistan from this miseries that has nothing to do with Islamic teachings that teaches love, patient, sacrifices, comprise, charity and so on….Fortunately, there would be a religious scholar’s conference on Afghan peace and stability in Jakarta, the capital city of Indonesia in upcoming days. There has been a gigantic hope over Afghanistan-Pakistan-Indonesia conference of religious scholars in formulating ways to lend support the peace process and bring an end to the war. Given the influence of religious scholars in Afghan society, this conference will bear results and will fulfill the longtime demand and desire of the troubled Afghans toward reaching a durable peace and stability.


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