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Editorial: Peace in the offing

War must end. The Afghans have been rendering huge sacrifices during past 16 years in the global war on terror which no end sees in sight. We consider the insurgents that destroying our country as warmongers fueling war for the interest of foreigners. It is a fact that war has been imposed on us. We also wanted peace and favored it, knowing that fact that war brings nothing but bloodshed and chaos. We already suffered from 40 decades of war and become fed up with it, desperately waiting for peace and stability to come. We hate illegal armed individuals. Keeping in view the prevailing situations, Afghanistan is in dire need of regional consensus to halt war. No room left for us to tolerate more warfare. Lots of Afghans either killed or wounded in the past years of the conflict. Taliban insurgents and other terrorist outfits are responsible for the killing of these innocent Afghan masses. In several suicide attacks and other evil designs of the militants, not only security forces, but Afghan civilians—men, women, children, elder and youths lost their lives. Thousands of others received injures. This is very clear like sun that Taliban and the rest insurgent outfits have been defeated in the battlefield. They (militants) have no influence to stand against brave Afghan security forces that’s why carrying inhuman acts even in public places, causing civilian casualties. However, still they (militants) have opportunity to safe their skin from the iron hand of the Afghan security forces by joining the Afghan-owned peace and reconciliation process. To support this, Germany’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Markus Potzel during meeting with President Ashraf Ghani, said his country wanted long-lasting peace and stability in Afghanistan and Germany supported intra-Afghan peace negotiations. Moreover, he assured of his country’s continued assistances in various spheres to Afghanistan. Likewise, our High Peace Council Head, Mohammad Karim Khalili is in Indonesia in which he holds meetings with key officials including the President Joko Widodo. According to statement issued by Indonesian embassy in Kabul, the purpose of this visit is to have exchange of views and share lessons learnt, and reinforce both countries, experiences dealing with peace process, reconciliation efforts and reintegration mechanism. Indonesia could share its experiences dealing with armed conflict such as in Aceh Province, and communal conflict such as in Ambon, Moluccas province. It is a great approach and HPC delegation should bring all the experiences in Afghanistan in order to have peace deal with militants and finally gain peace and prosperity. Currently, there is a stalled in reconciliation process between the government and the Taliban, but the drop of first rain is matter when it comes to the peace efforts. We are optimistic that our HPC head will return home with new stratagem how to convince the insurgents to join peace process, eventually have a peaceful motherland.

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