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Editorial: Peace in the wings

After months of negotiations, the US has said it has reached a deal with the Taliban—lays out what could be the first steps toward ending Washington’s longest-running war—and also emerged a glimmer of hope that finally the troubled-Afghans will be freed of the current war, and live a life at least better from today. There will be a seven-day reduction in violence, but so far no clue when it would be start. It also will be meant as initial measures toward trust-building. The next step will be signing of an agreement between US and Taliban—and then the intra-Afghan talks will be held, where Afghans determine the future of their country and role of the Taliban that they could play in it. Obviously, it is very hard to monitor which side will be the first to break the proposal of violence reduction, which is a testing period for both – the Afghan security forces and the Taliban fighters. It would be conditional-based peace deal, according to US officials, and it could be a success when all parties manage to cease hostilities for a full seven days—the agreement is very specific according to some officials. It’s a nationwide, and it includes roadside bombs, suicide bombs, and rocket attacks. Indeed, it is a very good chance to get rid of current war and reintegrate the Taliban group into civil society and together work for prosperity and stability of the war-hit country. Before to jump into prospects of the Afghan-to-Afghan talks, where women’ rights that immensely violated by the Taliban during their regime, freedom of expression and other fundamental rights of the human, including the rights to vote, let’s see if the Taliban can actually deliver anything like the scenario of violence reduction because many of its factions, and some of its sponsors might have no desire for anything like this that could lead into intra-Afghan talks and eventually to a ceasefire and a comprehensive peace deal. The primer responsibility is utterly on the shoulders of Afghan leaders, elites and influential figures to no get this peace opportunity, knocking the door of the Afghans after decades of war that noticeably has its ups and downs, to be vanished away. Lets’ pray for a dignify peace which is possible via negotiations only as military means already failed.

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