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Editorial: Peace is imminent, but at what cost?

Undoubtedly, it is time to be optimism in Afghanistan as peace process backed and lead by US administration is getting momentum. Key officials within the National Unity Government believe peace will be definitely restored in Afghanistan in the near future and that promising peace development has hitherto been made. Peace is the right way to unlock the conflict gripping the country—peace is imminent, if not within weeks but in the coming months. Winning current war through military means is not wise even seems impossible as international community and the US now looking to a political settlement with the Taliban group which showed their frustration over military mission as it did not bear results. But this did not mean Taliban or other terrorist groups are making head in battlefield. The Afghan National Defense and Security Forces have been proved bitter taste for the extremist groups, killing them in hundreds, wounding them in thousands. But this war must be ended. Peace must prevail. Optimistically, right time has come for the Taliban to join intra-Afghan dialogue. However, their rejection to meet Afghan peace team in Abu Dhabi has exhibited the most complicated face of the group that even casted doubt to their independence. The United Arab Emirates has hosted the US-Taliban reconciliation talks with the participation of Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Taliban did not accept to talk with Afghan negotiation team which has raised many eye-brows. First—Taliban are likely not independent, what their leaders says they do that. Second—something which is against national interest of Afghanistan is being discussed by the Taliban where they afraid to share with the Afghan peace team. Third, which is very important, the possibility of recognizing Durand Line might be discussed. Since we all know that Pakistan is key player, and its prime minster already took credit for arranging Abu Dhabi talks, none can rule out Pakistan’s effort in maintaining its interest during talks—where one of it could be reorganization of Durand Line. It’s crystal clear that Pakistan pushed the Taliban to set in talks with US rather than Kabul administration. For the reason Pakistan is likely, or definitely looking to achieve something bigger during peace talks in disguise of Taliban’s demand. Surely, we, the Afghan masses want peace. Every day we are suffering from the ongoing war. At the same time we want a dignified peace, where there is no compromise to our national sovereignty. The Afghan government must be vigilant in any sorts of peace deal or talks.

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