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Editorial: Peace meetings

Another peace meeting, despite several others in the past, is going to be held in Moscow on October 11, where representatives from more than 50 countries and international organizations will attend the International Contact Group’s meeting to discuss the issues around the Afghan peace process and the peace talks with the Taliban. Before the announcement, United Nations Special Representative for Afghanistan, Tadamichi Yamamoto, termed Russia’s role vital in supporting peace efforts in the region. Russia is very important partner and player in efforts to peace internationally. And we certainly look to Russia to play very constructive role. They can play constructive role and they have the intention for it. And we hope that the efforts shall be very fruitful to the international effort, Yamamoto said. Undoubtedly, the Afghan masses desperately waiting to see peace and stability to be restored in the country. But always such peace meetings yielded no required result, rather act of violence have been intensified, in which dozens of innocent Afghan people have been killed and wounded. We are not against peace meetings; we understand that only dialogues can lead Afghanistan towards durable peace and stability. At the same time, several meetings under framework of peace had been organized, but peace yet to come. So a wise wisdom recommends not lingering on such an effort which is giving no path towards peace. Moscow was among the countries where peace meeting was held there, and this is second time the country will host it. But none of those summits caused Taliban to nod for peace negotiation with the Afghan government. We always pinned hope towards peace meetings and also took it as a positive step toward reaching peace, but frustrating all the time. Moreover, Kabul will host a big meeting on the Afghan peace process within the next three months. So peace meetings would welcome always. The ongoing turmoil has to be ended in the country, and we are thankful to those countries that have been making efforts to promote direct peace talks between the government and the Taliban insurgents. But, should not ignore that some regional countries are not honestly supporting Afghan-led, and Afghan-owned peace process and some of them are directly fueling insurgency in the country. A key player is our hostile-neighbor Pakistan—a state that has been supporting and harboring various terrorist outfits, and also one of the participants of the peace meetings. But war will continue until regional counties plus western region, including the US to bring Pakistan to its knee by pressurizing to abandon its ongoing project of terrorism. The follow up is also a must, because mere words lead to nowhere, as we have experienced it for 16 years. We, the Afghan people have been supporting any sort of meetings with the sole aim of peace, but, we can’t fight cancer—a deadly disease, with statements only, so, like that we can’t win war on terror via meetings, where no practical step seems in sight. The ongoing insurgency in our country, and duplicity in war on terror by our hostile neighborhood is threatening, and challenging regional, and global peace and stability that needs war-footed efforts and solution.

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