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Editorial: Peace is possible

A three day cessation of violence in Afghanistan has been appeared as a marvel to the world with indication that peace is possible. Taliban members, young and old had embraced ceasefire in best manner and Afghan masses welcomed them broadly and genuinely. Both Afghan security forces and Taliban members were celebrated truce by taking selfies and hugging. Forged by years of conflict and failed negotiation attempts, the truce could be taken as a success. However, a vey dumpy and bumpy road is ahead on the path of political settlement, but such efforts might have its effectiveness in the long-term. There was high hope over truce, but dashed to the ground when Taliban group ultimately rejected President Ashraf Ghani’s offer to extend the truce. Though, the road of reconciliation is not so easy, especially in the face of long decades of carnage. We, as an Afghans have seen the path blocked countless times by vicious circles of foreigners, who fear of a strong, and peaceful Afghanistan. Nevertheless, peace is the only destination, and we must travel together to get it. It’s a great saying “Peace requires hard work, and that hard work can bring pain as it involves loss of comfort.” In that context, and in the search of peace, people’s peace movement activists sent a bloodstained letter to the United Nations, calling for an end to the war. At the moment they are demonstrating in front of Pakistani embassy in Kabul. But cruelty and unwillingness has been shining like starts as no Pakistani officials approached them in 14-day of protests. They have a very simple demand “support peace process,” end “backing militants.” Sometimes doing nothing is hardest thing to do. The objective of terrorism is terrorism –and its chain have already griped collar of Pakistan with dangerous pitfalls.  Wednesday’s blasts speaking loudly of it. Bringing excuse in multiple fronts could not heal the pain and suffering of the bereaved families, rather directly contributes in lingering the war and unsteadiness. For many it is more important to win a debate than to solve the problem ethically. If we are serious about dealing with violence, we need to make a sincere effort. It’s not enough to talk about peace – we must believe in it as it is the only option. Time has ripe for a joint and comprehensive effort to fight terrorists and let the Afghan masses to take a breath of serenity. Better than a thousand useless words is one word that gives peace. Therefore, there is high expectation over quadrilateral meeting between Afghanistan, United States, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, to play key role in bringing peace. A joint action plan on counterterrorism, peace and regional cooperation have already finalized between the four nations.

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