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Editorial: Peace talks underway

Informal contacts have been established with the Taliban insurgents with core aim of paving ground for peace talks with the terrorist group that since longtime have been involved in several deadly attacks. Officials of the High Peace Council (HPC) informed of unofficial contacts with the militant group, but despite that, they have not met any member so far. The underway talk is to facilitate and open up new ways to eventually reach a consensus with the terrorist group to nod for peace talks with the government. Indeed, any positive role that HPC plays to bring peace and stability in Afghanistan, not only is in the best interest of Afghanistan but to the region and entire world. Terrorism is a biggest threat to the world. The objective of terrorism is terrorism, none can deny this bitter fact. Terrorism is, in the broadest sense, the use of intentionally indiscriminate violence as a means to create terror, or fear, to achieve a financial, political, or ideological aim—no matter if they (terrorist groups) kill even children and women. There is hope that Taliban insurgents, and other extremist group become conscious that war brings nothing but devastation. Especially, to the Afghani Taliban, must say that they are killing their own brothers and sisters. They (Taliban) should never go under influence of our hostile neighbor—Pakistan that has been remained one the worst enemy of Afghanistan. In the past numerous peace talks held in Kabul, Islamabad and other capitals of the region countries, but all of them gone in vain, without bearing fruits. The main obstacles in this ahead was Islamabad as the country holds no will to bring the Taliban and other insurgents to the table of talks with the Afghan government. Recently, some countries jumpstart the peace process, but once again the efforts faltered after a series of deadly attacks in Afghanistan carried by those militants that receives food, shelter, weapon, suicide vest, money, oxygen, training centers, and other leverages from Pakistani authorities. Our neighbor China, and our past foe, but current supporter of the Afghan government, Russia have been supporting Kabul in its peace talks with the dissident groups. But till we don’t persuade the mother of terrorist outfits—Pakistan, such talks whether it is direct or indirect might have not see daylight. At the same time we hope to convince the Taliban insurgents to gain their independency to stop dancing at Pakistan’s tones by reintegrating into civil society by joining the Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace and reconciliation process.

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