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Editorial: Peaceful Afghanistan

Rulers and leaders of regional, especially neighbouring countries are making tall claims regarding help in return of peace and to end to violence in war-torn Afghanistan, which is according to them beneficial to the whole region. But there is nothing visible on grounds in this respect. Pakistan President Arif Alvi made latest such claims while addressing the Nauroz Day celebration jointly arranged by South and Central Asian diplomatic missions in Islamabad. He said, “Pakistan is on the threshold of change after successfully addressing the challenge of terrorism,” adding further, “Pakistan learnt a lot while dealing with the menace of terrorism and the whole world could benefit from its experience.” At the same forum, President Alvi said that Pakistan believe in peaceful neighbourhood, with maximum focus on return of peace in Afghanistan, which he said is “also in interests of Pakistan.” No one can challenge such words or realistic thinking of President Alvi but the reality is different. Whenever Pakistan shows sincerity in its claims and its acts, on such a day world would see unprecedented peace and tranquility in Afghanistan. No one can neglect the fact that certain circles in Pakistan-both state and non-state intends to influence Afghanistan’s internal and external policies. For such gains Pakistan from last several decades intend to pressurize policy makers, leaders and rulers in Kabul to obey. But the patriotic Afghans are determined to maintain their sovereignty and solidarity for which they paid huge prices. Since disintegration of former Soviet Union in late 80’s, certain regional and neighbouring countries are engaged in proxy war on the soil of Afghanistan. They making attempts to either continue fueling of war and hostilities in Afghanistan just to escape them from trends of militancy and terror-grown during the so-called cold war or to force the Afghans to bow. Time confirm that almost Afghans irrespective of their political ideologies, religious faiths and beliefs, race and lingual identities have realized their past blunders and now favour peace and reconciliation. But unfortunately neighouring and regional countries didn’t allow. It is the time for the regional and neighbouring countries to realize their past and present mistakes and let the Afghans to materialize their dreams of peace and stability. Now when the US brokered peace talks with Taliban are in a decisive but in a crucial stage, therefore, responsibility rests with the whole regional and neighbouring countries to help as return of peace in Afghanistan could be a better solution to almost of socio-politico and economic issues.

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