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Editorial: Persisted bloodshed

It seems that the Taliban want to be responsible for more civilian killings on the Day of Judgment before the almighty God, as the group is urging the continuation of war. Improvised explosive devises (IED) planted by the insurgents are killing scores of innocent women, children and men on weekly basis—more often daily.

The group as the major armed opposition of the government has been busy in a proxy war for a decade and half since it was ousted from power. The militant group said recently that it would not accept an Islamic conference suggested by the government to help for the solution of the war of attrition. The government had called on the Islamic scholars to help the people of Afghanistan in a conference in Saudi Arabia to put an end to the war and Riyadh had vowed to help.

In a message sent to the “noble scholars of the Islamic World”, the Taliban called its fight as “jihad against Western invaders”, urging that the conference should not be allowed to be interpreted as support for the “aggressors”.

The militant group is well aware that the victims of their attacks and bombings are the poor innocent civilians who work hard from dawn till dusk to make their families’ livelihood that is an Islamic obligation just like prayer, fasting and other obligations.

On the other hand, the insurgents say they keep fighting for the welfare of the people and to help them to have a peaceful life. If the Taliban really care for the people and the homeland, people are exhausted of war and fratricidal. The country is enough ruined for nearly 40 years. So, what are they fighting for? They should realize the war they are urging for is only in the benefit of the enemies of the Afghans and Afghanistan.

This war defames them at first because they stand against their motherland, brothers and sisters—an attempt that nobody with wisdom does.

This is a good opportunity to close the war chapter as the Islamic scholars are supposed to mediate. There should be no excuse for the Taliban if they are really Muslims as they have frequently emphasized on the formation of a government based on the Islamic values.

Taliban that has been already introduced as a killer group is trying to show another picture of its intentions for the continuation of killing civilians. Now the group is going to lose sympathy from some Islamic countries who used to support them considering them as a Muslim movement, as their calculations appeared wrong after the insurgent group rejected the Islamic conference.

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