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Editorial: Be a person of values

The minutes — the First Vice President, Abdul Rashid Dostum arrived Kabul after 14 months exile in Turkey, showed his outstanding performances by pouring water to all uncertainty. In a briefing to his supporters, Gen. Dostum not only expressed his gratitude but assured President Ashraf Ghani that peace and reconciliation process precedes all other matters – thus he will not leave any stone unturned in its endorsement. Expectation was very much high that his return will be a great milestone in normalizing situation in the north after mass protestors flooded to the streets. However, the ground reality is much more than expectation as Gen. Dostum called on supporters to halt demonstration and they did within a minutes. This is can be called the leadership with power, and also exceptional supporters that heard and honored the leader’s say-so. The protestors took to the streets in north following the arrest of Nizamuddin Qaisari, a militia commander earlier this month. The protests turned deadly after setting government vehicles and governor house on fire and shut down of local government offices, including Independent Election Commission’s provincial offices, threatening further violence if their demands weren’t met. But for Gen. Dostum to calm them down, was like having a cup of tea. Very much simple and that in such a proper way that all closed offices “government and private” have reopened. Commercial ports, Aqina and Hairatan also resurrect. This is absolutely an indication of true leadership that Gen. Dostum has. Leadership is about people, it has nothing to do with any title. It’s all about understanding the people, and their problems to be resolved in a proper manner—something Gen. Dostum applied practically. Let’s have a very simple explanation of leaders. If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader. At the same time everything starts with you. If you cannot lead yourself, then you can never lead anyone else. Self-leadership is the greatest challenge for anyone as a leader. With due respect, nowadays, everyone is considering themselves as a leader. By saying a leader, a leader, none can become a leader. Leadership is a process that needs time, efforts, honesty, and etc…The moment Gen. Dostum, the powerful figure of the north, landed in Kabul International Airport, hundreds of his supporters along array high-ranking officials, and his political allies welcomed him home. It is worth mentioning that Gen. Dostum, a part of the Northern Alliance played significant role in toppling the Taliban regime in 2001, and when he become vice president, once again took weapon and marched against militants in the north. So he has quality of a good leadership with no fear in sight. It remind of a great proverb, “your job gives you authority, but your action earns you respect.”

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