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Editorial: Pines high hope on Kabul Peace Process

President Ashraf Ghani on Tuesday officially opened the Kabul Process for Peace and Security Cooperation Conference, saying that six days ago, 13 brave Afghan policemen gave their lives to stop a sewerage truck packed with military grade explosives from entering the diplomatic compounded, a direct violation of Geneva accords. He put the death toll to 150, saying the victim was entirely innocent Afghan sons and daughters. More than three hundred were brought to hospital with burns, lacerations, and amputations. To bring the irrational Taliban’s ongoing war to an end, president Ghani said if the group is ready to join peace negotiation, he would allow them to open office. This is the last chance for the Taliban, he warned. Indeed, the standpoint of president Ghani had showed strong intention within the government toward war on terror. Last chance means to shun violence or the brave Afghans security forces would chase you in every valley and mountain of the country. At other hand, last chance was also referred to the countries supporting and harboring militancy.  The president directly said that peace talk with Pakistan is the National Unity Government’s top priority. Everyone knows about the fact that some regional countries—one of them Pakistan, are putting weight behind militants to continue fighting in order to preserve their interests. But it is last chance for them as well. As soon as they cut their ties and direct and indirect supports with militant outfits—would be better for them as world become fed up with militant activities across the world, and won’t let militant supporters to get away so easily. This motto of last chance could also be ascribed to other militant groups, such as Islamic State (IS), also known as Daesh terrorists. More than 20 terrorist groups are operating in the country, and this is their last chance of survival if not nod for peace talks. While pinning high hope on the Kabul Process Summit, in which 24 countries representatives and three international organizations, including European Union, United Nations and NATO were in attendance—the Afghan masses despite mourning the loss of their dearest and nearest one in the recent cycle of violence nationwide, especially in Kabul—are taking this Summit as a glad tiding toward fully elimination of terrorists from the war-hit country. These representatives are in a capital city of a county whose people are grieving because hundreds of children have been blown apart by terrorist violence. Of course, the Afghans want justice. It is a crystal fact that militant groups can’t last a day sans Pakistan’s support. These representatives are well aware of this. While the Afghans are appreciating world’s solidarity and support for our loss, at the same time we want them not to stick with solidarity and condolences only. We want the participated representatives to take significant steps against militant outfits, and countries supporting these evil forces.

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