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Editorial: Poisoning of education

Corruption and mismanagement are the prominent areas where Afghan policymakers, politicians and authorities had given good results and progress. One cannot label them all as corrupt. There is still a small group of patriots. They are the true Afghans who work day and night for development of the country and welfare of masses. They neither need gratitude nor expect medals and promotion. However, the pond is filthy because of the majority. Anti-state elements along with the anti-social elements are making the situation worst from bad. When it comes to miseries of people and challenges faced by the country, large numbers of politicians, officials, militants and anti-social elements are seen standing in the same rank and working under the same roof.

That’s why the country’s journey towards modernization is hampered. Most of the sectors are at the mercy of God. Education sector is no exception. Most of schools are without buildings. In many areas girls are barred from going to schools. Ghost schools are adding to the problem. Teachers were promised that they would get residential plots. Some got plots but scores of them are still waiting for their dream to come true. Moreover, the government has no plan to built state-of-the art universities in the major provinces of the country. Absence of strategies to increase numbers of female teachers in schools and universities is also a setback for the education sector. Female literacy rate is discouraging.

But insecurity the major challenge which the education sector is facing. Due deteriorated security situation, several schools are closed in different parts of the country. Besides closure of schools, girl students are poisoned every year but the government had not dug deep into the issue. The failure of authorities is a serious threat to the lives of students and education. On Wednesday, sixty students of Mir Mulai Girl School in Rustaq district of Takhar province were poisoned. It is second incident of its kind in the last two weeks. On April 19, around 62 girls had fallen unconscious in the province. Earlier, 125 schoolgirls were poisoned in Charbagh area of Farah province. According to the officials, it was the incident of gas poisoning.

Whatever the relevant officials say to cover their failures, the truth is that they have also hands in poisoning of the education sector because they had not investigated the cause on scientific lines. Furthermore, they are not providing the required security to schools. For the past three years such incidents are taking place. If the concerned authorities had any intention to find out the cause, they would have done it by now.

If emergency based measures were not taken, parents will be afraid of sending their daughters to schools. It will be a victory for the anti-Afghanistan forces. Therefore, the government shall take the issue seriously and find out that who are hell-bent on destroying the country’s education sector. The sooner the culprits were arrested would be better.

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