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Editorial: Political maturity feels here

Full-grown in behavior of political leadership, especially the road taken by Chief Executive, Abdullah Abdullah on Atta Mohammad Noor’s recent remark, has deeply impressed the Afghan masses, showing political maturity is here at highest level. We are all praise the maturity shown to twist the hullabaloo into a calm scene. Despite receiving threats of breaking teeth, Abdullah assured everyone he would look after his health with taking care of his teeth. He said this while he was smiling, but indirectly—at same sage very directly, said nothing gone happen by his (Noor’s) removal. Indeed, this was the only way to keep democracy on track. In spite of having huge influence among Afghan masses, and also the current CEO of the National Unity Government, he could have taken some sort of tough approach because he (Abdullah) is a man with power, but he has shown uppermost level of maturity. He took the national interest above all. Abdullah would be remembered as sober CEO delicately balancing between different political parties, and making efforts to resolve certain issues which is not in our favor. Noor’s resignation was accepted by President Ashraf Ghani, with appointing Mohammad Dawood as his successor. But Noor, the powerful influential figure in our society, rejected his resignation, saying he tendered his resignation based on conditions that so far not fulfilled. He warned to remain as Balkh governor even in the face of resignation. However, question arise here that when Noor, the powerful north king, gentled resignation at a time when he was directly involved in negotiation with President Ghani. Even he said that Abdullah failed to defend their rights, thus he directly engaged in talks. But now the political rift between them has turned up. None deny the hard working of Noor in building and rebuilding of Balkh province and his other tireless efforts in making a developed Afghanistan. He (Noor) is also a quite mature political figure. But, in the course of history, in spite of so many challenges and other problems, the Afghan leaders in the past, and in the future will never compromise on national development. There is wish among Afghan masses that this issue to be resolved in very good manner and both (Abdullah and Noor) further work together for other crisis, like energy, unemployment, poverty, corruption and national security. There is a great saying, “coming together is the beginning, keeping together is a progress, and working together is a success.” Certainly, President Ashraf Ghani , CEO Abdullah Abdullah, and the National Security Adviser, Haneef Atmar is making indefatigable efforts to turn challenges into opportunities. Brining peace, and improving economic development beside other things in our motherland, is possible when our elites show political maturity and promotes national harmony. Without a doubt maturity is here, but more responsibility should be shown in politics. It is time for the politicians to show much more maturity to end the ongoing dilemma that the masses are facing, and generate hopes among them to be optimistic about their future.

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