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Editorial: Poppy another obstacle

Despite other issues, the new US strategy also did not focused on fundamental financial resources of the insurgents. It is a matter of concern that new US policy on Afghanistan remained silent over the danger posed by illicit drug cultivation and trafficking. Efforts have to be accelerated in eradication of drug cultivation, as the Taliban insurgents, a terrorist group that President Donald Trump vowed to kill them all, is taking biggest advantage to continue fighting against Afghan and foreign forces. Unfortunately, less attention has been paid in this, despite serious concerns showed by the Afghan officials. Always, officials raised voice that drug production and trafficking are a key source of financing terrorism and insurgency in the country, calling for a wider military campaign to eradicate poppy fields. So far nothing big bang has been initiated in fully eradication of poppy cultivation. There have been some efforts, but that would lead to nowhere, unless a join at the same time comprehensive anti-poppy cultivation to be kicked off across the country. US administration failed to remember the most serious issue. US has to understand that by eradicating poppy, Taliban and other insurgent outfits would be in financial backwardness, which leave them in uncertain situation that even results into their destruction. Poppy cultivation has been illegal in Afghanistan, but now this gross domestic product has turned into a major source of revenue for the Taliban insurgents, to the tune of millions of dollars a year. But this very important part of the war on terror has been forgotten by the US, directly shows how irresponsible this new strategy has made. Moreover, no development projects and infrastructure build up mentioned in that strategy. We were eager to listens some good news in area of reconciliation and peace process in a bid to ensure peace and stability. But, Trump said US administration would no longer engage in nation building and democracy. Anyways, poppy is not only supporting militants financially, through which kill security forces, it also leaded into drug addicts of the Afghan people. Only in Nimroz, nearly 4,000 drug addicts spend their time in cemeteries and a roadside in a miserable condition in the provincial capital, Zaranj. Provincial counternarcotics official linked the increasing population of drug addicts to the use of Nimroz as a smuggling route for drugs from other provinces. Noting this, it creates fear that more number of people could slip into addiction in Nimroz. Like this, there are several provinces which home addicts because of insurgents that cultivate this deadly seeds to financially feed themselves and also destroy the young generation of Afghanistan. Moreover, we appreciate US tough approach against Pakistan, as the country doesn’t deserve second chance. Furthermore, Pakistan must be triggered to court for its treachery of supporting and harboring militancy. But, suggestion to US would be to revise some parts of its new strategy toward Afghanistan amid at having a clear standpoint toward eradication of poppy.

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