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Editorial: Precarious circumstances and resilient panacea

Since decades, Afghanistan has been famed as a museum of variant ethnicities. This nation has been in the fell clutch of increasingly oddly unpredictable circumstances. There was a time when Khorasan was a territory that prided itself on its rich and diverse culture. But what had happened to have inadvertently embroiled Afghanistan on a sticky wicket and sociopolitical chaos. Afghanistan– being internally frail and internationally unviable – became the arena for shenanigans and tomfooleries of the hatemongering neighbors and world power blocs.

Afghanistan now is not an embodiment of the glorious and stable Khorasan of the past centuries. Mayhem and militancy-induced violence has become rampant and overwhelmingly unstoppable and prospects of security and peace are at the minimum. No one feels safe, neither a teacher at school nor a mother at home. The killing spree and the wave of terrorist attacks of the past few weeks was a somber reminder that nobody is safe. Why the security apparatus is not breaking a sweat? Why high-profile politicians are not swallowing their pride? Why is nobody doing anything? Where are we headed and what is the enduring solution to evolve from these high vulnerabilities and liabilities, to move toward sustainable peace and safe Afghanistan, and to transform cynicism and hopelessness into hope and exhilaration?

A panacea is ‘the resuscitation of the spirit of patriotism among the masses’; everybody should feel that Afghanistan is a common home for all ethnicities and all racial profiles; every Afghan has a common interest in this land and thus must try to play a part in its prosperity. Another panacea is ‘the restoration of the will of the political elite’; political brasses should bolster their tenacity and determination for change and eternal peace in Afghanistan – this will equally reinstate public confidence in government and unravel the increasingly acrimonious nation-government friction – and this confidence building will culminate into national unity.

Awaiting peace to actualize on its own is a wild goose chase. We should not have a naïve perspective of inertia, rather we should have a perspective of patriotism and pragmatism and roll up our sleeves to achieve sustainable and enduring peace ourselves. We can change this whole unsteady pace for a better Afghanistan.

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