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Editorial: President Ghani emphasizes on ‘timely’ election

President Ashraf Ghani emphasizes that the presidential elections slated for September 28, must be held on its scheduled time.

The president is insisting on election that the process has been surrounding by scores of challenges and problems. Almost everyone of President Ghani’s 17 rivals at the contest believe that the polls would be likely postponed because right now, the United States and Taliban are working to end the almost two-decade long war and help in achieving a durable peace in Afghanistan. People prefer peace to election and they are looking for the result of the US-Taliban negotiations that its ninth round began on Thursday in the Qatari capital city of Doha. The results are expected to be finalized as soon as within few days, according to reports.

Besides, the Independent Election Commission says that more than 2,000 voting centers would remain closed on the election day. A spokesman for the commission said that it is impossible to hold election in 2,012 out of 7,385 centers across the country except Kabul, Bamyan and Panjshir provinces, calling “intensive and middle” security threats as the reason.

Another thing that the president stated is that he would hold elections and endeavor for peace process. This seems not to be easy, because most of politicians believe that the election should be postponed to focus on the peace, saying an interim government should be formed to pave the ground for elections. Here, Ghani alone stands against the people’s will.

The president who represents his nation, needs to be flexible and listen to their demands and obey their wills, not to act like dictators against them. Now, what is most important and demanding for people is a lasting peace and end of the long war. They don’t want to give more sacrifices. So, the ongoing peace effort is a chance for both the people and government to save our ship (country) from sinking.

If the elections are held, the peace efforts will be postponed for an unknown time and war will continue to take the lives of more Afghans both security forces and civilians. We can hold elections later and after we get sure about peace and stability. In that case, more people will go to vote their next leader.

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