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Editorial: President Trump on pullout of troops

 Confusion still persists over the issue pertained to pulling of US troops out of Afghanistan, as majority of Afghans and peace loving people from all over the world considering it un-logical and detrimental to the very interests of Afghanistan. The US President Donald Trump has once again insisted that he will withdraw his forces from Afghanistan; however, he did not reject a scenario in which he would keep “a smaller number” of troops in the country. In an interview with CBS News, Trump said the US has been engaged in Afghanistan for 19 years, spending billions of dollars on the military. “And by the way, I’ve been hitting very hard in Afghanistan and now we’re negotiating with the Taliban. We’ll see what happens, who knows,” Trump said in the interview. When asked whether he will keep a smaller number of troops in Afghanistan, Trump said “yes”, but added that he will “leave intelligence” there – in Afghanistan. “Yes. And I’ll leave intelligence there. Real intelligence, by the way. I’ll leave intelligence there and if I see nests forming, I’ll do something about it. But for us to be spending 51 billion dollars, like last year, or if you average the cost it’s- I mean you’re talking about numbers that nobody’s ever heard of before,” he said in the interview. Through these words President Donald Trump has confirmed the US future plans regarding Afghanistan for maintaining its presence. No one can deny the fact that though Taliban militants are justifying their acts and actions on the grounds of US presence. But a reasonable number of Taliban leaders and commanders now realize importance’s of US troops presence. Like of other countrymen these Taliban leaders and commanders also fear filling of the vacuum to be erupted with pulling of US troops by militants loyal to neighbouring countries. On such grounds, these circles are in favour of US token presence in Afghanistan, which might be in favour of Afghanistan and its people who suffered a lot as a result of violence, terror and hostilities. In fact unless getting complete surety of non-interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan from the regional and neighbouring countries, it is hard for the US and its allies to give up huge investment, which they made on return of peace, revival of state organs and restructuring of living infrastructures in Afghanistan in last 17 years. It is the time for US led allies and countries like Russian Federation, China and others to pressurize the regional and neighbouring countries of refraining from useless and meaningless interference in internal affairs of Afghanistan and giving chances to the Afghans for making internal and external decisions in according to own traditions and requirements.

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