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Editorial: Prof. Mujaddedi – a man of principle

The 93-year old leading spiritual, political and religious leader Prof Sibghatullah Mujaddedi has lost his last breath on Monday night. After the death of late Pir Syed Ahmad Gillani and Prof. Burhanuddin Rabbani, Prof Sibghatullah Mujaddedi’s sad demise could be considered a sever set back to Afghanistan and its people. Besides serving Afghanistan as its first ever President after the fall of former Soviet Union backed regime of late Dr. Najibullah, Prof. Mujaddedi had also led the Mashrano Jirga as its chairman and High Peace Commission. At very crucial stage, Prof. Mujaddedi had not only made tremendous contribution in making united the Afghan Mujahideen leaders and commanders in early 90 when almost of Afghanistan was lacking a centralized authority and over half of its population was scattered as refugees throughout the world. In according to Peshawar Accord, Prof. Mujaddedi in his limited rule had made his best for the country and its people. Similarly after 9/11, when the Afghans in according to Bonn Germany Accord established Government with Hamid Karzai as its president, Prof. Mujaddedi has demonstrated unprecedented acumen and leadership by extending maximum support to ex-President Hamid Karzai and his team. Hamid Karzai who is known for his attitude with senior, fellow and young leaders had treated Prof. Mujaddedi as an elder and give maximum weightage to his proposals and suggestions in framing policies of newly born government. Similarly as Chairman of Mashrano Jirga and High Peace Commission, Prof. Mujadded has also made heroic role in the National Constitution and bringing back leading Taliban leaders and commanders to main stream of politics. During his long career as a Jihadi leader, Prof. Mujaddedi had accredited himself as the founding leader of Islamic Unity of Afghan Mujahideen (IUAM)- an alliance of Peshawar based seven parties. During his stay in Peshawar, Prof. Mujaddedi had not only declared him as most popular and respectable leader of war affected Afghan refugees but also of millions of Pakistani hosts. He was always found surrounded by hundreds of Pakistani nationals during his over one and half a decade life in Peshawar. He had proved himself most vocal and straight forwarded by expressing doubts over Afghan policies of Pakistan and United States as well. On such grounds, he had earned anger of Pakistan’s military establishment and at once was asked to leave. No one could deny the fact that Prof. Mujaddedi’s death could cause a vacuum in Afghanistan politics which could be filled after hectic efforts by his followers and family members.

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