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Editorial: Propagandas over Durand Line    

The de facto Durand Line has continuously been the bone of contention between Kabul and Islamabad ever since Pakistan was coaxed into being in late 1940s. Pakistan has exerted its utmost to sabotage Afghanistan by fueling internal conflicts in the war-hit country and supporting insurgents, so that the country doesn’t solicit its right.

Propagandas have been circulating suggesting that Afghanistan has recognized the Durand Line as its official border with Pakistan, as an attempt to persuade Islamabad to bring the Taliban in the negotiating table. Fake reports and doctored images depicted national security advisor Hanif Atmar in his meeting with Pakistani army chief Javed Qamar Bajwa recognizing the Durand Line; a report which has been denied as hoax by NSA himself.

Only the peoples living across both sides of the sprawling the de facto Durand Line can decide the fate of the contentious borderline. Peoples in both sides are bereft of animosity and consider themselves as members of a big and inseparable family.

Pakistan never wants stability and security in Afghanistan and another political game by such propaganda. Islamabad is well aware that no governments of Afghanistan were ready to discuss the Durand Line because this is the right of the people of Afghanistan either in the Afghan side or in the other side of the line.

It was a conspiracy drawn by the British Empire to divide the people who defeated their empire thrice. The British planned to ignite the flame of schism between Afghanistan and the newly-founded Pakistan. So, they forced the then Afghan king Abdul Rahman Khan to sign the Durand agreement. This almost took stability and coexistence from the region as Pakistan soon after its establishment started concocting conspiracies it had learnt from its British masters.

Pakistan’s politicians and theorists also know that the people of Afghanistan are very vigilant about their national issues. They gave sacrifices in the wars with Genghis Khan, British colonialists and the Soviet Union just to defeat and maintain their homeland and national issues. So, how can a diplomat or any other government representative dare to simply talk with a Pakistan army general and easily ignore the values of honors of his home and people and recognize a line?

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