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Editorial: Proud of having it

Despite the continued uncertainty surrounding the country, the Afghan security forces are fighting all the 20 terrorist outfits with confidence. It is not exaggeration at all. After shouldering full reasonability of security, the Afghan security forces widely acclaimed success in their mission. Today Taliban and other militant outfits are at run. Taliban has been trying best to undermine capability of the Afghan forces, but they (Taliban) always faced the iron hand of the brave forces with receiving huge casualties. Security forces proved themselves to be more capable than ever. Despite immense achievements in the global war on terror, but still they are suffering causalities, and faced challenges with equipment and logistical management. This is the duty of the government to overcome this defy. Everything would be getting right when there is security, and it could apply by having an army force provide with state-of-the-arts weaponries. Priority has to be security. With security we can steer the country toward development, while insecurity kills our elite, and will trigger us on the way to backwardness. In the recent deadliest attack in Kabul, the capital city, we have lost our masters and bachelor employees. View this, bringing security has to be on top priority, to achieve, we need to strong Afghan security forces. There is 100 percent in form of moral, but what lacking is modern weapons and coordination. 26 Afghan soldiers were killed and 13 others received injures in the latest attack on their army base in Kandahar province. Such attack shows of lacking coordination. Despite challenges, the Afghan security forces would always stand ready to kneel down the Taliban and all sort of insurgents to their feet. We are proud that fighting capacity of the Afghan security forces have increased and operations are heading by them. Security force recaptured the control of Kohistan district of northern Faryab province, while killing 23 Taliban fighters. On Thursday, security forces evicted insurgents from Taywara district of western Ghor province, after the Taliban had overrun it recently. Moreover, again on Thursday security forces repulsed a Taliban attack in Want Waigal district of eastern Nuristan province, killing 45 Taliban fighters, while 50 others received injures. Like these, Afghan force already proved bitter taste for the militant outfits. Undoubtedly, Taliban are on the losing side, they are dying on daily bases. Despite the failure, still the door of High Peace Council is open on them. Time is ripe for Taliban to join Afghan-owned and Afghan-led peace and reconciliation process before the Afghan security forces chase them in every mountain and valley of Afghanistan.

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