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Editorial: Pseudo war on terror, causes and implications

The menace of terrorism has been plaguing the globe like a disease without panacea, and made it so intricate and intriguing for the West – the protagonists of this ghastly war – to annihilate the pillars of terrorism which marches on unabated in developing countries. This pseudo war is taking lives of hundreds. The spiraling chaos in these countries raise the quintessential question of whether terrorism is unconquerable or peace would ever prevail. The US as a superpower has to maintain balance in the world by suppressing extremism which threatens security of other countries, in particular where it has military bases such as Afghanistan. But after the US enters a country under any excuse – be it to institutionalize democracy in dictator regimes or to intervene in an internecine conflict – the occupied land becomes at times largely infested with the phenomena of terrorism and flare-up of ambitious yet notorious fighters and an increasingly downgraded rule of law. Afghanistan, Iraq and some ‘Arab Spring’ countries very well experienced it.

In the past three years foreign terrorists backed by Islamabad have been infiltrating into Afghanistan to deteriorate security situation and topple the democratic government. Evil designs of Pakistan’s dreaded intelligence agency too spew miseries on Afghans. NATO alliance’ assistance to defend the country against Pakistan’s animosity and hostility has been very fractional and inconsiderate too. They had refused to help Afghan security forces in the embattled Helmand derail militants with air raids.

Islamabad’s harboring and feting of terrorists and its perpetual state of denial coincides with Washington’s blind eye to the ground realities, making it very obvious that the US is gaining from the plague of terrorism. The United States is deliberately keeping close ties with Islamabad and fooling the world under the pretext of war against terror. Washington has sided with the wrong country in the war on terrorism, because there is no denying that Islamabad is sheltering notorious Qaeda leaders in its safe houses, located in garrison cities. Terrorism, in essence, serves as an excuse to prolong their stay in the occupied countries.

The West is injecting imposed wars on conflicted nations to devour their wealth – simply put, to absorb what’s left of their oil sources – and to sell their weapons. The perception that terrorism has become a pretext for the modern world to sell weapons seems cent percent true. From sand bags to light and heavy armored vehicles, the protective gears have occupied minds of politicians and security officials of the third world countries as they feel they are no safer in their home countries where once people were at peace. Asia and Africa as many countries in the two continents are depending on foreign donations and support on war on terror. Though, the United States has military bases in many of these countries, but terrorism keeps marching on and becoming more devastating rather than lessening.

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