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Editorial: PTM on protest

At last Pakhtoon Tahafuz Movement (PTM) leader and Member of parliament in Pakistan Mohsin Dawar surrendered himself to law enforcing agencies after four days sit in protest in Miranshah headquarter of North Waziristan bordering with Afghanistan. Mohsin and other PTM stalwarts have announced end to sit in protest in response to an appeal made by members of traditional jirga comprises elders from Utmanzai Wazir tribe. So far further details of understanding made between Jirga and Mohsin Dawar couldn’t made public. But so far the PTM delayed its protest till Eid Ul Fitre. Beside Utmanzai elders Jirga, a committee of Upper House headed by MQM Senator Barrister Saif had also played a role in easing the tension and held a successful meeting with the PTM chief Manzoor Pashteen. The PTM went on sit in protest and strikes in the wake of previous Sunday clash between armed forces and its activists, which causes lives to at least 13 and injuries to over 30 others. The exact number of injured couldn’t ascertained as soon after the clash, the government had imposed curfew. All roads closed for traffic and communication system went on halt. Another PTM leader and MP from South Waziristan Ali Wazir was arrested from the site along with several others and later he was booked under Anti-Terrorist laws and produced like a culprit before a court in Bannu. The Government has accused PTM leaders of attacking the check post whereas Mohsin Dawar has contradicted such reports, saying that all of them were armless and reached in the village for joining a peaceful protest against indifferent attitude of security forces with the local tribesmen during a search operation in the area. Similarly video posts, shared by PTM activists through social media endorsing Mohsin Dawar and other PTM point of view that they were peaceful. Mohsin said that personnel of security forces from all sides opened indiscriminate firing against the peaceful protesters when they joined the sit in. Soon after the clash, Pakistan’s media in according to government instruction went on one-side blackout and almost government officials, security forces and ruling Pakistan Tehrik Insaaf ministers, MP’s and office holders embarked on a well planned propaganda against the PTM leaders. Even political parties and politicians who have denounced firing against PTM didn’t barred. All of them have been charged as traitors and agents of enemy countries. Unfortunately Pakhtoons in Pakistan are treated as “second class citizens” since a long. From time to time, especially in Afghan conflict they have been used as scapegoat at behest of others. And similar was Pakistan spy master’s modus operandi during the so-called war on terror just for minting money from US led coalition. Now each and every one is well aware that Pakistan never remain either sincere in war on terror to US led allies or in return of peace and tranquility in war ravaged Afghanistan. On one hand its spy masters made its best of making silent all voices in favour of peace and on the other it went on with the inherited expansion policies of previous colonial rulers. The Pakhtoons, especially youngsters after realizing the real motives of Pakistan military establishment have initiated the uprising with organizing the PTM in January 2018 last. Now PTM is emerged as a strong and popular group of Pakhtoon youths, which is against of military establishment’s policies based on British ruler’s inherited “expansionalism.” Now as a result of PTM protest, there exist worst kind of situation in all over North Waziristan and political parties, politicians and human rightists are making cries for an end to state brutalities and aggression against helpless civilians but no one listen. 

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