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Editorial: Put an end to war with education

Now it becomes a fact that we can’t change situation only by military means, and we see that US military wasn’t wining in Afghanistan, and this is a bitter reality. After more than 16 years of war, US forces are still struck here without putting a logical end to the ongoing war. With spending billions of dollars and losing lives of large number of Afghan security personnel and civilians, beside foreign troops, peace and stability still looks like a distant dream. Militant attacks are escalating. Insecurity has been growing. More districts, though for short period of time, but collapse to the militants hand. Children and women are among the victims. However, despite all these uncertainty, the Afghans masses never slowed down their efforts to rebuild their motherland. Today we have more talented young girls and boys then ever. We understand that through education we can steer our country toward peace and stability, realizing this, the Afghan masses striving hard to purse education at any level and circumstances. Education is not only a process of facilitating learning, rather it consists every sorts such as improving knowledge, skills, values, beliefs and put a positive impact even on the habits. Getting education will change a person totally for what is currently. Discussion, teaching, training, and direct research will force people to think and distinguish between bad and right—something that the militant outfits can differentiate. They kill civilians without any logic reason. They commit suicides, while it is absolute in contrary with teachings of Islam. Anyway, only by educated Afghan masses we will change our fate toward betterment. There must be no inattentive in the direction of pursing education, if parents let their children go uncheck, it could be worse for them, because today uneducated people are joining militant ranks. Those who are pursing education and higher education never nod to join militant ranks—rather they invite fighters loyal to the militant groups to table of talks with the government as they become conscious that war brings nothing but devastation. Fortunately, Afghan masses are making all out efforts to pursue education. Despite facing numerous hardships, an Afghan family has supported their female members to pursue their education and one of them has received the highest score among girls in the university entrance exam announced last week. Parents of Beheshta, the top scorer among girls, said they have ignored unwanted believes with the hope to make a better future for the young member of their family. Great motivations—it is the duty of every parent to encourage and support their boys and girls to finish their higher education, because illiteracy is the main root of every problem. Those parents who don’t let their children, especially girls go to school, should understand that they are going against scripts of Holy Quran. Seeking knowledge is obligation to all human being, girls and boys. This is what Islam teaches us. Let’s rebuild our country by means of education, taking in view that military means has badly failed so far.

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