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Editorial: Rare species

Afghanistan is in the list of countries that have abundant natural resources. From rare deer species to butterflies and from gold to lithium, there are many things that could help the country to strengthen its economy and stand on its feet. The natural resources could break the begging bowl and make Afghanistan self-sufficient economically. If the natural riches were utilized and turned into cash, Afghanistan will be in the position to provide employment opportunity to its citizen. Taking full advantage of these resources is need of the hour. This is the best solution to our many problems. We shall take full benefit of the natural riches.

Not only precious gem-stones, oil, iron ore, copper, gold and lithium can make the country rich, but the rare species as well that are living in the country’s mountains. There are different kinds of birds and animals which could be used to attract tourists. Tourism is a booming industry across the globe. There are several countries in Asia that are generating huge amount from this sector. In some countries tourism is the only sector meeting government expenditure and providing jobs to the local population.  Maldives, Thailand, Philippines, and Mauritius are good examples. The government can learn from experiences and policies of these countries to boost the tourism sector.

Afghanistan is blessed with many beautiful places to visit for adventure or spend leisure time away from hustle of the cities. The country can attract many those people who love extreme adventure sports such as paragliding, hiking, mountains climbing and kayaking. Unfortunately, insecurity is a challenge that should be addressed to assure the tourists that they would feel safe in the country. Hundreds of foreigners want to visit Afghanistan to see its beauty and historical places. But growing militancy is keeping them away from the country. Therefore, the relevant authorities should device comprehensive security policies to ensure safety of the tourists. International standard hotels should be built in the areas that could attract tourists such as Bamyan province. Rich history, beauty and serenity of the province will draw the visitors back.

In addition to that national parks should be established in different parts of the country to protect the country’s huge variety of animals. Many species in the country are on the verge of extinction. The relevant authorities have utterly failed in protecting these species. As a matter of pact many people are still hunting deer, Marco Polo sheep and markhor despite the presidential decree banning hunting of these and other animals.  The good news is that researchers have recently spotted the rare Bactrian deer in the country after over 40 years.

Therefore, the government should leave no stone unturned to protect these endangered species.

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