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Editorial: Real danger

Monday marked the bloodiest day of the current solar month, Qaws. It was first day of the Quas (November 21) when a fanatic targeted the Baqer-ul Ulom mosque in the capital city, Kabul, and massacred at least 32 worshippers and injured over 50 others. Driven by radical ideology and madness, the suicide bomber targeted the Shia Muslims. Many of the victims were children. But the terrorists have no respect for children, women, worship places or minorities. They go on rampage and feel proud when more and more civilians are killed. Insanity and terrorism is in their blood. They are craving for human blood. Their thirst for human blood will see no end until dust fill their bellies.

Bad are in abundant display. Killing of peaceful worshippers is a manifestation of the terrorists’ failure to achieve their target. They do not have the courage to face Afghan security forces in the battlefield. Therefore, they target unarmed civilians. Worshippers are an easy prey—in sight and within reach—for the terrorist groups such as Daesh, known as Islamic State in the global north. The group has earned reputation for its cruelty and targeting ethnic minorities in Middle East and Afghanistan. Though, no group has claimed responsibility for the attack, but Daesh might be involved in the terror attack on innocent Afghans who were killed in cold blood on Monday.

Seemingly, there is no end in sight to the melee and mayhem. Strong bond among Afghans is their distinction and strength. Therefore, today, the whole nation is aggrieved over loss of their brothers and children. All Afghans—except those who are recruited mercenaries of foreigners and kill their own brothers and sisters to appease their masters—feel the same pain. Today, many children became orphan. Many have lost their sons who were brought up with great care and many hopes. We are facing a national crisis as terrorism is used by some actors as an instrument to complete the systematic genocide of Afghans. The screams are not hideous.

It was not the first attack on the Shia Muslims. It was followed by two similar attacks last month that claimed 29 civilian lives. The Islamic State has taken responsibility for one of those attacks. Since, Afghans are facing the common enemy. Therefore, they should exhibit unity than ever in their ranks. It is responsibility of the citizens to report about suspicious activities to the law enforcement agencies. The citizens must help the government to eliminate the terrorists who are killing us and destroying our mosques, markets and homes.

There is also need for a joint ethnic forum where the leaders of the respective communities should come under one roof to cooperate against terrorism.

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