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Editorial: Reality on wall

Resilience of Afghan people is like a broad-day light. It is matchless, and a precedent for many violence-hit countries to follow. Afghans have proved the world wrong again and again by defending their homeland bravely. In 2014, the international and regional commentators believed that Afghan security forces would collapse and the insurgents would take control of the capital city, Kabul. These so-called security affairs analysts had put the history of Afghan nation behind. They had taken announcement of end to the US-led NATO’s combat mission as an indicator of the bleak future. They thought once the Afghan security forces enter the battlefield, it would vanish as if it was made of puff.

President Ashraf Ghani has also pointed out this wrong assessment of the analysts in his interview to a Pakistani news channel. In his words, Afghan security forces are real and would not fall. Afghanistan is forever. It will remain forever because Afghans are resilient by nature. Afghans know how to recover from the problems and sort out their differences when it comes to national integrity and sovereignty. Leaders may seem at different pages but defense of the country is not linked to security forces alone. Every Afghan takes it as a historical and traditional obligation to fight for the country and nurture it with blood, if it demands.

Unfortunately, a systematic propaganda has been launched against Afghan security forces and government by state-backed media in neighboring Pakistan. The motive is clear. Islamabad is throwing dust into eyes of its strategic assets and those were pushed into violence in the name of holy war. When the international community, especially the US and European Union, pledged repeatedly to support Afghan people and government, sponsors of insurgents started targeting Afghan security forces. Afghan forces, enjoying popular public support, have protected the achievements of past 15 years with bravery and their blood. Many brave men and women in uniform have become immortal in the history by embracing martyrdom. It is demand of the freedom. But it does not mean that security forces of a country are facing defeat. It shows a promising picture, if one can look at it with open eyes and mind.

Recent statement of the US and NATO forces commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John Nicholson, is enough to open eyes of the critics if they are blinded by their miscalculations and lack of information. The US general said that Afghan security forces were tested and prevailed last year. As a matter of fact those tested the Afghan forces who promised to bring insurgents to the table of talks within days.

Those who consider the Afghan militants as strategic assets should know that how incorrect they were. The waves and waves of militants and violence could not reverse the achievements and break the courage of Afghan people. If they have learnt this lesson then they should stop interfering in Afghan affairs; otherwise, the same lesson will be repeated. It will do more harm to the sponsors of insurgency than Afghanistan.

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