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Editorial: Refusal after refusal

The Doha Qatar based Afghan Taliban who are in opposition to sitting government and political process in motherland have reportedly refused to shake hand with their own countrymen in US brokered peace talks to be commenced in Riyadh Saudi Arabia on January 13. The Riyadh Saudi Arabia talks are stated continuation of peace dialogues initiated by US Special Envoy Dr Zalmay Khalilzad in last October by visiting Kabul, Islamabad and Doha simultaneously. Several rounds of dialogues between US Envoy and Taliban delegates held and on end of each round, Pakistan’s Foreign Office making commitments regarding its due role in face to face dialogues between Afghan government and Taliban representatives but unfortunately all these tall claims and commitments proved nothing else but a futile exercise. Since previous September when US Special envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad announced his schedule regarding visits to Kabul, Islamabad and Doha, the war affected Afghans have attached great hopes and expectations. Almost of Afghans whether they are supporting or opposing political process have been made fed up by prolonged war and hostilities. As a result of imposed war and hostilities, millions of Afghans have been killed, displaced, dishonoured and even living like hostages throughout the world. After an end to so-called Cold War, regional and neighbouring countries are fuelling bloodshed and hostilities for meeting its nefarious designs. Now it is crystal clear that neither global powers nor regional countries are interested in return of peace and tranquility in Afghanistan. No doubt to commend unprecedented support of peace loving masses from all over the world in efforts aimed at return of peace and reconstruction in Afghanistan. But unfortunately ruler’s strategic-economic interests remain different. Now when Khalilzad is sincere in his assignments but he is facing hurdles from no other than then those who are responsible for the generation, growth and stabilization of militants on the Holy slogan of Islam. Now in the wake of Taliban’s refusal, outcomes of Riyadh talks will not be different from earlier rounds held in Abu Dhabi, Doha, Islamabad and Kabul etc. Through such type of refusals, the Doha based Taliban leaders are damaging own image. On one hand they are opposing US led allies and justifying their acts and actions. But on the other they are reluctant to talks to own Afghan Muslim brothers. Similarly all acts and actions (terrorist and violent attacks) causing irreparable losses to Afghanistan and its people. Instead of blaming US and its allies for continuation of war and hostilities in Afghanistan, it is the time for Afghan nation in particular and results of Muslim Ummah to differentiate who is responsible for killing of innocent people and destruction of Afghanistan. At this stage responsibility rest with peace loving people, organizations and human rights bodies to build up a pressure against Afghanistan opposition to come on table as solution to all issues rest in talks and dialogues.

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