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Editorial: Regional consensus

No doubt that growing insecurity has baffled the regional community and is becoming a serious headache for the certain countries in Asia. Deteriorating law and orders situation is a serious challenge to deal with. In order to save our future generations, states that are haunted by terrorism must form a joint working group to jointly fight extremism. States that see terrorist and extremist groups as serious threats have failed to save coming generations from falling in the trap of unending violence. The reason is certain. There is no coordination and consensus. Conflicting interests, what we see, of the nation-states in Central and South Asia is major hurdle to overcome.

As security threats are increasing with every passing day, Afghanistan, Russia, China, Iran, and India should explore all available avenues to chalk-out future anti-terrorism strategies. Since these five countries see terrorism as a common enemy and major threat to their national security, the ground to work together is already available. But there is need only for strong resolution and joint efforts to eliminate the notorious trans-national terrorist outfits. Delay in formation of joint anti-terror mechanism has encouraged different terrorist groups to continue massacre of defenseless civilians in the region.

One of the notorious terrorist organizations in the region is Daesh, also known as the Islamic State. This group has established centers in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan. Afghan government has launched multiple large-scale military operations to eliminate Daesh. To some extent the Afghan leadership succeeded because the Islamic States has been restricted only to Nangarhar. If these operations were not launched, the terrorist group might have made inroads into China, Central Asia and Iran. We all knows that Daesh has global ambitions and have deadly it is when it comes to killing of people and destruction of historical sites. There is no second opinion when it comes to destructive power and attack capability of the Islamic State.

In other words, Afghanistan is fighting for stability of the region. Many Chinese, Uzbek and Chechen militants have joined Daesh. If the five like-minded countries failed to forge unity in the war against terrorism, they would see Daesh wrecking havoc in Central and South Asia as well as China and Russia. On Tuesday night, the terrorist group has massacred worshippers in Kabul City. Next year they would repeat the episode in the region somewhere if Afghanistan was left alone to fight Daesh. Only statements and expressing concerns—what China and Russia is doing all the time— will do no good.

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