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Editorial: Regional consensus

It is a crystal-clear fact that death is coming to every living-being exists on the face of this earth. But we, the humans, can’t stop living because we might die someday. However, living situation in Afghanistan is quite different from what it could be or projected. People are escaping death every day miraculously, as the enemies of peace and stability are behind every stone and bush, laying in ambush and placing their deadly weapons. There is no distinction for them between civilians and security forces. They are at their brothers’ throat for power.

We, the Afghan masses, never stopped living because we will die someday, but we smell death every day when headed toward markets, and workplaces. No idea when to become a victim of a foreign imposed war, but as usual, incidents. The conductors of such tragedy are the militants—the killers of innocent people as the international community and Afghan leaders say.

Casualties including women and children are beyond counting as a result of three decades of wars. Taking into account all these miseries, the Afghan people stand beside their security forces to fight insurgency with high spirit and intention. Security forces deserve all praises for their all-out efforts and sacrifices for a stable future. Hope for peace, security and trade opportunity has been higher after top foreign ministry officials of the three regional countries—Afghanistan, Iran and India—stressed on regional cooperation in fight against terrorism.

The meeting which held in Tehran, three countries discussed an array of issues of mutual interest, regional developments and explored ways to develop trilateral political, economic, cultural and transportation cooperation.

Such meetings held in the past too, but now the positive change is as the core actor “Pakistan” that has been supporting militants for years was sidelined. The move could be a game-changer in fight against terrorism. In several national and international meetings, Pakistan has pledged cooperation, but with a little twist, not to fight insurgency, but to support them (militants). But the real face of Pakistan unmasked when top leaders of the Taliban insurgents were killed on its soil. At somehow, this trend put Pakistan at bay and was not invited in high-level foreign officials meeting this time. This meeting indicates that India and Iran are trying level best to isolate Pakistan, and take bold step in fight against all form of insurgents, including the newly emerged Daesh.

With mounting political instability and the already fragile national economy, the only beacon of hope is the new headline that three regional countries would work together to fight insurgency. Peace is a key for political stability and economy uplifting.

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