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Editorial: Removing sanctions

After nearly two years of formal and informal negotiations, President Ashraf Ghani and Hizb-e-Islami Afghanistan’s (HIA) leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar formally signed the long-awaited peace agreement. The HIA considers second largest militant group after the Taliban. The peace deal with the group was inked late September. The group’s reintegration into civil society positively helps Afghanistan a lot in areas of bringing peace and stability, which is very important to steer the country toward progress and transparency. “Ending war, rescuing Afghans from dependency on strangers and standing on own feet, was the will of the government and Hezb-e-Islami,” President Ghani said at that time.

It is a crystal fact that peace has its own cost. To achieve peace the Afghan government and the people are rendering huge sacrifices. It cannot be achieved easily. More importantly, Afghanistan is home to all of us. We welcome all terrorist groups who are willing to shun violence in this home.

We understand the value of peace, because it has been for 35 years that Afghan bloods are shed. Thus, Afghan masses know the significance of peace more than anyone else.

Hekmatyar voiced pleasure through video speech over the peace deal with the government. “We hope for an independent and respected Afghanistan,” the group leader said, calling on Taliban group to join peace process and follow their legal goals through political ways.

To implement pledges vowed in the peace agreement, the Afghan government officially sent letter to the United Nations Security Council, (UNSC) to remove the leader of HIA from black list.

It is very fact that terrorism is wreaking havoc in different parts of the world. No one is feeling safe in the modern world which has become global village. Afghanistan is a state which braved terror attacks for years. Optimistically, with the involvement of UN in Afghan reconciliation through removing sanctions against HIA, will defiantly facilitates further ways toward having peace. Once HIA group removed from UN black list, and their fighters shun fighting, half of Afghanistan’s villages would be in peace and security.The backbone of the Taliban militants that use different tactics to further insecure Afghanistan, would be broken after HIA fighters renounce anti-state activities, which at somehow they already did.

It comes clear to all that Taliban insurgents can’t move an inch without permission of their lords. We have given more opportunity to the Taliban, but they rejected every call for peace.

Taliban would be easily defeated after HIA remove from sanctions, and especially in that time when the group’s fighters join the rank of Afghan security forces. With no doubt, the upcoming spring offensive would be very much easy if HIA fighters don’t land into battleground against security forces.

Optimistically, HIA fighters under Afghan security forces would sustain huge causalities to the Taliban and other armed militants who don’t give up fighting in the upcoming spring war.

Don’t get wrong picture, the Afghan security forces alone has defeated all form of insurgents including the Taliban insurgents in the battlefield. The true son of this soil has the ability to launch major attacks against insurgents and kill them all.

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