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Editorial: Reshuffle continues

The challenges the country is facing are multiple with no end in sight. The national economy is tanking as the investors are tired of looking at the idle projects due to growing insecurity. The local companies and international organizations were left with no other option but to cut jobs or search for better and secure business environment in other countries. The result is lost in the value of Afghani against the US dollar. The national currency has lost 20 percent against the USD in one year. Security forces and civilians casualties are on the rise as the Taliban rejected to become part of the peace process. The recent deadly attack in Kabul City which claimed 64 lives and left 350 more injured is a reminder that the militants would not talk to the government unless they had achieved what they want. The fragile security situation across the country had forced hundreds of young and talented Afghans to leave for Europe, the United States and other countries.

Adding to the problem, writ of the government in several parts of the country is weak. Mismanagement and corruption had disappointed the public. Instead of resolving the problems, the leaders in power corridors are chasing political objectives. They have become part of the problem rather than solution. To count their achievements, there is only one area where they scored perfect—firing, hiring and reshuffle of the high-ranking officials. In other areas they scored perfect zero because the peace talks is still a distant dream, insecurity is all times high, corruption is rampant and human rights are violated on regular basis. Lack of health centers and educational institutions forced Afghans to leave for the neighboring countries. Several roads in the capital city in the suburb areas are in poor condition. Laws are for poor. The elite class enjoys impunity.

If the leaders really want to develop the country by overcoming the potential and existing problems, they would have to search for talented people to appoint them on key posts. Nepotism and favoritism is eating the foundation of the state system. Appointing an acting minister as head of an important organization will not resolve the problems. Reshuffle of the officials to accommodate the friends in the cabinet is making the situation worst. It is not only eroding the public trust but also providing an opportunity to the militants to strengthen their propaganda. Those who failed to bring peace to the country cannot bring security. Those who had been tested should not be tested again. The leaders themselves are digging grave for the government. They should give priority to talent and merit when appoint someone on key post.

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