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Editorial: Resignation saga

The trend of resignation has changed in Afghanistan. Previously officials defied an order from central government to step down as it was deepened on political schism between presidential palace and influential Afghans in government posts. However, now the waft is changed either by taking out of office forcedly, or resigned for leverages. Weeks ago, President Ashraf Ghani unseated the minister of energy and water Ali Ahmad Osmani who is in the Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah’s team. However, opposing Ghanis decision Abdullah reinstated Osmani as energy and water minster; but later appointed the sacked minster as his advisor. Recently, Ekili Hakimi, a strong ally of President Ghani stepped down as Finance Minster, citing personal reasons. He has raised the issue of resignation with President, and finally persuaded him give his consent in the regard. It was very surprising to all, as Hakimi was a trusted ally to President. The resignation came as shock considering warm relationship between him and President. But, the next day Hakimi was appointed as senior advisor to President Ghani–something expected. Stepping down from a government posts is sign of farewell to office, but some time resignation interprets getting new job. Such resignation with next day hiring, has unveiled shortages in capacities or mounting of nepotism. However, back-to-back resignations with reciprocate hiring as advisors is a clear sign of nepotism in the government. Irrefutable rift is there between National Unity Government leaders. No doubt on it. Both, President Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah are trying to hire their trusted people. However, firing and hiring in one day or the day after resignation would undermine the ongoing process of reforms as well will intensify trust-deficit between people and government. But every ex-official are not finding his way to President or CEO offices. Sayed Mansoor Naderi, the minister of urban development and housing, resigned from his post. He was also one of Ghani’s trusted allay, but yet to receive new job. He putted health reason behind the resignation. But some political pundits construe resignations to have specific motives. Ex-Head of National Directorate of Security (NDS) Amrullah Saleh in his twitter account said, “Broadly speaking, resignations are always due to one of these reasons; escape from the sinking ship, de-association from corrupt circle, no more bearing personal insults, courage to stand against wrong, revenge and deconstruction or balancing profession and family. Such frequently resignations could be inclusion of abovementioned constructs.

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