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Editorial: Respect for Ramadan

The media outlets especially the electronic media bring some changes in their routine programs and design special transmission on the holy religious days.

The holy month of Ramadan, the Prophet’s (PBUH) birth anniversary and the 10th day of the holy month of Moharram (Imam Hussein’s martyrdom anniversary) are the very important events in the Islamic calendar and society. Media have special transmission on these days.

In Afghanistan with some 99 per cent Muslim population, the governments have been responsible to mark Islamic events through the media. There are dozens of radio and television channels serving after the Taliban’s administration was ousted by the US-led invasion in 2001. The number of the broadcasters is even increasing. They have their own and specific broadcast policies each, but all come together and take similar policy by holding programs like recitation of the Holy Quran recitation, religious teachings and roundtables, religious songs and melodies, movies and serials.

This is not a new thing in Afghanistan and the religious events were highly respected by the previous governments, and this is in fact the way that the current administration is following.

As an Islamic country that is known by its official name, Afghanistan needs to more observe these events. Although the media in charges observe these events but we need to be more careful because the opponents are in the ambush to launch negative propagandas against the system, besides other types of enmity.

The holy month of Ramadan is a time for us to try to be busy more in praying. This is true that the fasting time finishes by the evening, but this does not mean that we should resort things that brings down the values of our fasting and praying.

The serial about the Prophet Joseph is a fast breaking program of every TV channel that takes one hour when people are breaking fast. But a number of the channels start to broadcast the vulgar and seductive songs or Turkish serials quickly after the fast breaking time. This conveys a message that Ramadan is from dawn to evening and we can do anything we want after the evening time. This puts a negative impact on the religious belief of the youngsters who do not know enough about the religion.

The media is a school and classroom by its turn, so this school should lead the students to the right path. The media in charges and the culture ministry should be very attentive in this regard and try not to defame the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan intentionally or mistakenly.

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