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Editorial: Resumes functioning

At last Pakistan has announced re-opening of its consulate in Jalalabad, capital of eastern Nanghar province that not only has crossing points with Pakistan but also hosting millions of Shinwaris, Afridis’s, Saafis, Ahmadzais and Yousafzais who are linked in relations with their brethrens, residing across the Durand Line. The consulate was shuttered without any prior intimation on September 2 last as a result of misunderstanding erupted on the issue of security and handling of increased number of visa seekers. Closure of Consulate resulted in cross allegations and accusations against the two neighboring countries. Even Pakistan’s foreign minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi on the eve of his first ever trip to Kabul had failed in resolving of the issue despite commitments. Shuttering of Jalalabad Consulate General has not only caused huge miseries and hardships to Afghans but even it lead to further damaging image of Pakistan in Afghanistan. No doubts to mention that Afghanistan and Pakistan at loggerhead of worst kind of rifts and hostilities at this crucial stages. Certain elements with all segments of both the countries are in favour of terminating all sort of bilateral diplomatic, trade, political and social relations with each others. But they couldn’t do so due to unbreakable relations between people of both the countries. The relations made further cemented during course of imposed wars, extremism and terrorism on Afghanistan. No one can deny the facts that all sort of violence, terrorism and extremism originated from Pakistan but it badly affected-even lead to destruction of Afghanistan and genocide of its people. Certain high level circles, especially policy makers of civil-military establishment of Pakistan have time and again declared Afghanistan as its enemy after India. But forcing the civilians of toeing its intentions yet to be materialized. Now the time is too changed. People from both the countries have realized their blunders of becoming part of US led allies imposed War hysteria from the soil of Afghanistan and Pakistan’s intrigues of declaring Afghanistan as hub of terror. Now almost Afghans are fed up of imposed wars, hostilities, terrorism and extremism. They want peace and tranquility in their motherland. But all of their dreams regarding peace and stability couldn’t be materialized without sincere support of Pakistan. And Pakistan instead of honouring its commitments is making attempts to force Afghanistan, its leaders and people to follow its policies regarding India, Iran and even United States both internally and externally. But in the light of their rich traditions, Afghans are determined for keeping intact sovereign, independent and autonomous status of their motherland-for which they rendered tremendous sacrifices. Afghans believe in friendships, neighbourhood and Islamic bothernism but are reluctant to let others of making them hostages like of previous British colonial rulers and United Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). Instead of making miserable lives of innocent and war stricken Afghans through one or the other ways, Pakistan needs to reviews its Afghan policies-based on fuelling internal rifts and divisions amongst Afghans. Afghans have been universally declared good and sincere friends, therefore, Pakistan needs to make them friends and frame policies for winning their hearts.

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