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Editorial: Resuming talks at Doha

Prior to resuming of peace dialogues at Doha Qatar, media made reports regarding US and Russia’s willingness of lifting ban on movement of Taliban leaders and departure from Pakistan and landing of Taliban Tehrik co-founder Mullah Abdul Ghani Biradar at Doha. Both the developments, hopefully would pose positive impacts on US brokered peace efforts aimed at resolving of long standing Afghan conflict. Amidst resuming of peace talks, the UN also made it clear of “ending war in Afghanistan.” The UN in its latest report declared 2018 as a deadly and most violent year in Afghanistan since 9/11. During 2018, at least 3804 persons were killed and 7189 injured in 65 deadly suicide attacks, which is over 11 per cent compare to violent and terrorist acts registered in 2017. Maximum violent acts occurred in June- October 2018 when the countrymen were engaged in parliamentary elections. Enemies of democracy have left no stone unturned for derailing the political and democratic process through these violent acts but the peace loving patriotic Afghans have foiled all these attempts. Now when the peace process is being expedited, the Afghans once again going towards Presidential polls scheduled to be held in coming July. Qatar based Taliban political office is ready for reconciliation and becoming part of the political process but they having certain reservations and demanding the interim set up. But the other side is reluctant to do so. Most recently the re-unioning of prominent Afghan politicians at Moscow made a positive breakthrough towards the intra-Afghan dialogues. After Russian Federation, US and other countries needs to host similar get together of Afghanistan politicians and public opinion makers, which might help them in getting the targeted objectives- return of peace and end to every sort of hostilities and confrontation, inherited by so-called cold war’s. Not only the UN data but the occurrences, taking place since the day of former USSR invasion shows that over two million of Afghans have been killed and millions of other injured, made orphans and widows. The Afghans still scattered throughout the world in general and Pakistan in particular. All those who are either engaged in hostilities at behest of someone else or for materializing own political or communal interests, must over-view their acts and actions as it causing irreparable losses to their own country and its people. Now when the former foes, i.e. US and Russian Federation (Soviet Union) are going to build up a consensus on resolving of the conflict in Afghanistan, the warring Afghan factions and individual are also needs to realise their own responsibilities at this crucial stage. Some of the regional and neighbouring countries are fuelling hostilities in Afghanistan not for the better future of Afghans but for meeting their own nefarious designs. On such grounds, the peace loving but war affected Afghans must join hands with each others for endorsing UYS Special envoy Dr. Zalmay Khalilzad who is sincerely striving to help in resolving of the conflict through peaceful and political ways.

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