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Editorial: Right moment

Looking over uncertainty at persist time, none can hold positive motion over better tomorrow, which is very gloomy for us. If someone thinks you’re the best leader, at the same time very capable to lead a country toward betterment, but a moment of stability can quickly yields to instability and threat of chaos. Caution has to be exercised in every situation as still we have so-called stability. Surely, President Ashraf Ghani, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Abdullah Abdullah, the National Security Advisor Haneef Atmar, and the entire team has been working hard to turn challenges into opportunities—most importantly to convince regional countries and the international community to honestly stand alongside the government to bring a logical end to the ongoing war in the country. We, the Afghan masses are taking these efforts as a beginning to end the current challenges. Definitely, looking into ambiguity, the leadership of the National Unity Government will take every step very carefully with sole aim of not deteriorating achievement gained in the past 16-year. Recently, President Ghani, and CEO Abdullah and other high ranking officials met with members of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in Kabul, in which key issues of the country discussed. Efforts against terrorism, corruption, drugs-trafficking, acceleration of the peace process and preparations for parliamentary elections were discussed. These are very important matters. UNSC members shed light on different areas, saying security and stability in Afghanistan is very much important to the region. They also praised the Afghan security forces performances in the fight against terrorists. Fortunately, President Ghani fully grasped the opportunity by sharing interlocutors evidences of terror groups being trained and funded outside Afghanistan. It was also noted that pressure on Pakistan should be increased for ensuring stability in Afghanistan. Indeed, plenty of issues were discussed; some achievements made during three years also put on the table. The fresh progress may be irresistible. But question arise here that does the government has inner peace with different circles within the country. As it was mentioned in the beginning, it will not take an hour to see everything into reverse pace. As for the reverse—the President Ghani needs something done legislatively to ease people’s concern and lock the door of every miseries at nearest time. It is very annoying to see when the ousted Balkh governor, Atta Mohammad Noor warned of using revenues from lucrative Hairatan port if salaries are blocked. Recently, the Independent Directorate of Local Governance has said they would not approve request for salaries with his (Noor’s) signature. So this is what we are concern over. One thing is for must that one man army will never succeed in a country’s like Afghanistan where there are several political parities—all of them hell-bent in leverages. There is no escape from it—something which is not good. But let’s work for our motherland collectively. Today, we must work together on a joint mission of development through improving agriculture, water, defense, health, education and in other fields. Let’s making a better tomorrow with joints efforts with acceptances of each others.

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