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Editorial: Rising Further Tensions

Afghanistan is currently caught in a series of crises- the uncertain peace process, unabated level of violence- and feeble economy amid the withdrawal of international forces. In such a critical time, our country needs a political consensus and strong-monolithic state. Unfortunately, in various eras of our history, we lacked the necessary and important unity and consensus over the vital issues of the country. Now is a similar scenario about to happen as the incumbent Afghan President Ashraf Ghani is somehow harming the nation’s unity that pushingthe country into deeper crisis. Afghanistan is comprised of several ethnics. Each of them paid highly sacrifices to protect this beautiful land. To bring all nation under a single umbrella, Ghani should not neglect the reality that every segment of the society has the right to stand for their legal rights. But Ghani has been ignoring this reality. He appointed a governor to the northern province of Faryab that faced strong opposition by the residents- mainly Uzbek ethnic- and a political party strongly active there- led by Marshal Abdul Rashid Dostum. Instead of bringing the chaos into a calmness, the president is purportedly considering to demote Dostum’ Marshal Rank, dismiss his daughter from the senate, whom Ghani himself once appointed after making some secret deals with Dostum. If a governor of the province faces the resistances of the residents, then it will be too difficult for him/her to come a long with the people and perform the duty properly. But what is happening in Faryab between Ghani and Dostum is one of the tens of illogical and senseless tensions that has risen because of Ghani’s crippled vision of politics. This ishis nature- he lacks leadership values and measures- he is acting more like a manager than a leader- and he is not even stable in his political and administrative methods. He once make compromises with a politician and turn back on others, but then again, takes a 360 degree turn to a new player on the chase board. This immature policy of him dragged the top prominent leaders and politicians away from his side. He is now the one and lonely face in the Presidency surrounded with a corrupted circle. Ghani seems to be incapable and unable to make a political consensus at such a crucial time. It may be either out of his capacity or may be because of his willingness to remain in power. Although, he is saying much of not staying in power in media but the policy he is playing reflects a contradict view what he is saying and what he is doing. Afghanistan need a compassionate leader to be in pursuit of the country’s higher interests, not perusing personal hostility and egos. It is time to work for peace and fix this fractured nation. Adding further tensions to the chaos is not in the interest of the Afghans.A stable Afghanistan needs all of usunited.

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