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Editorial: Running for peace

The peace-loving Afghan masses are desperately looking forward to a day celebrate peace day as ground for peaceful coexistence and tolerance already exists with flexibility ever since. No idea when this will happen, but sign to its achievement is shining ever before. Following government’s suit, the Taliban announced ceasefire from 1st Eid day to 3rd. It is a shorter truce, but hope to be prolonged with eventually lead to a long-last peace. The Taliban’s announced ceasefire represents a tentative move toward peace. But will they hold despite all channels set for peace? Subsequent to the unprecedented peace offer to the Taliban, the national unity government announced ceasefire from Tuesday (27th Ramadan) till fifth of Eid—eight days that earned backing from Taliban by agreeing on the same vessel with little change of three days. The current change even to be called a unilateral ceasefire is perhaps the most significant recent development in the country’s long-foundering peace efforts. Frequently, Taliban deemed government as not serious about peace. Now displaying other side of the coin, showing every coin doesn’t has the same face. This has generated hope among Afghans in the direction of reaching durable peace and stability. This also strongly weighted the ongoing peace convey of Helmandis who are heading toward Wardak after receiving warm welcome by Ghazni residents. Soon they will arrive in Kabul. Young peace-mongers who had embarked on a running journey a month ago for sole cause of propagating peace are walking towards Kabul in temperatures of more than 40 degrees while being fast. In fact, running of seven Helmandi marchers serves as a wake-up call and deserves to be emulated as an example of seeking peace, instead of wielding guns. When they set off from Helmand before the outset of Ramadan, their demand was a reciprocal ceasefire of the warring parties during Ramadan. Though that petition was unmet, their sacred cause reverberated exponentially. An exceptional outcome of their strenuous running across the south was an unprecedented declaration of ceasefire by the Afghan government a week ago, a truce overture which was later reciprocated by the Taliban movement. The scenario is totally projector of political climate inside Afghanistan that has become more conducive toward peace than ever—something rising hopes to be remained optimism over a conclusion to the war. The entire Afghan nation overwhelmingly welcome the truce but looking for stretch in its duration.

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