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Editorial; Salute to fearless policewomen

A great salute to the bravery of Afghan security forces, especially the Afghan policewomen, who contribute their today for our better tomorrow without hesitation of scarifies. Without doubt, several fearless policewomen who put their lives on the line of duty they loved, have been killed or wounded by the enemies of peace and stability. Previously, we had female officers that either killed or wounded in different ambushes of the militants. Misogynist insurgents have never stopped humiliating Afghan women in order to keep the Afghan society in darkness and Stone Age as we experienced unwillingly during Taliban regime. During the black era of Taliban, women were banned from going to school or workplaces. Anyways nothing can stop women from steps forward, and surly they (women) will find their male colleagues alongside them. Women condition is not satisfactory, but it’s improving. It is worth mentioning that before blaming any individual or institution for the current situation, young female graduates have to take some sorts of productive initiatives helping them in resolving their problems by any ways and means. The good thing is that Afghan government is committed to end any sort of violence against women in its all manifestation and providing them a wide range of opportunities. But, it is time-consuming. Anyway, I must say that our female security personnel are a shinning part of our pride and honor. We truly stand by them, and thankful for their indefatigable efforts beside their male colleagues for building a better society for all of us. Noting the fact that policewomen are risking their lives in serving the country, despite they are being harassed and killed because of stigma and ignorance. Time is ripe for the concerned institutions, especially the Ministry of Interior to take care of it by empowering policewomen in their ranks. Recently, senior foreign officials, representing key foreign institutions, called on the Ministry of Interior to strengthen women’s role in police as they have passed through difficult circumstances in severing the country. However, commitment is there as Interior Minister Wais Ahmad Barmak, said improving women’s role in police is his top priority. “We want to have a meaningful participation. It means that women should have first, in terms of their roles, what roles they will play, what positions they will hold in the future. Everything should be meaningful not symbolic.” There is high hope that the ministry under wise leadership of Barmak, will double its efforts to further improve opportunities for women in police force, improving their safety and protection of their rights, and other required facilities. It is great news hearing the foundation stone of special administrative offices for policewomen was laid in the capital of southwestern Nimroz province on Thursday. This is one step forward to help policewomen and appreciates their achievements, and courage. Moreover, a batch of female officers of the Air Force and Military left for India for training purposes. This is a wonderful move to be giving them more roles in security institutions. As a whole it is time to salute their (policewomen) bravery as it is not easy for them to overcome obstacles created by their own families, leaving the sufferings of discrimination at the hands of their male colleagues at same stage. If we want to drive Afghanistan onward and toward durable peace and stability, it is imperative to further strengthen women’s role not only in policing and military, but in all walks of life to gain comfortable position in the civilized world.

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