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Editorial: Saluting ANSDF for all out efforts

The Afghan National Security and Defense Forces (ANSDF) have never been traumatized at stamping out terrorism in the war-hit country. Though terrorism is a global threat, but the Afghans and security forces are at the frontline of the war on terror. Without doubt, Afghan security forces engaged in an unclear war that has been imposed on us for several decades with no end in sight.

There is a strong believe that the security forces would dash to ground the upcoming spring offensive just like they very sufficiently canceled out Taliban’s last year’s operation. The Shafaq operation, launched by the Afghan security forces to counter the Taliban’s last spring operation “Omari”, was very much successful—in which dozens of Taliban fighters were killed and wounded. Other militant groups, like Islamic State, aka, Daesh terrorists were also not left far from the iron hands of the security forces. Around 2000 Daesh militants were killed last year only. However, there were casualties among security forces as well—the core reason behind it was the poor leaderships that also led to psychological operations by the insurgents. For instance, when a checkpoint was attacked or abandoned by security forces, local commanders were informed media outlets with more exaggeration. However, the intentions were to earn more support from central government or at somehow from US forces, but at the same time it laid down negative impacts on Afghan masses. The point is that commanders should inform people with accurate news, without adding or cutting. All security forces including local commanders are the true sons of this soil—who have rendered huge sacrifices to maintain security for us. We truly appreciate their efforts in challenging and complicated time and condition. There is no single doubt that Afghan security forces are very strong and it has been for years that holding territory with minimal help by foreign forces.

A wise man never even call it violence when it’s in self-defense, rather it is an act of intelligence. The Afghan security forces should leave no stone unturned in protecting themselves and their motherland. To commend their role, the National Unity Government has introduced 27 February as a National Day for ANSDF for the first time in the history of Afghanistan. Leaders in the ceremony to commemorate this precious day expressed appreciation over efforts made by the security forces. Afghans would also be proud of their sons and daughters in uniform.

After more than 16-year fighting, the universal war against insurgents is at a crossroads. The Afghan government has repeatedly asked international community to help security force go on offensive against the Taliban and other militant outfits, which has been provided breeding nurseries by the Pakistan government. The ongoing support of Pakistan behind militants is like open book to all of us and must be halted through any way and means.

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